Zinc Supplements for men, kids and women

June 25, 2021

Zinc Supplements for men, kids and women

Zinc is an essential micronutrient that is crucial to almost Zinc Supplements zinc 50mg gummies every aspect of your health. It’s second only to iron as the most abundant trace mineral in your body Available in many different forms, zinc supplements are often used to treat an array of ailments.

Research shows that this mineral may enhance immune function, stabilize blood sugar levels, and help keep your skin, eyes, and heart healthy. This article reviews the types, benefits, dosage recommendations, and potential side effects of zinc supplements.

Types of zinc 50mg gummies   

When choosing a zinc supplement, you’ll likely notice that there are many different types available. These various forms of  impact health in distinct ways.

Here are a few you might find on the market:

  • Zinc gluconate: As one of the most common over-the-counter forms of zinc, zinc gluconate is often used in cold remedies, such as lozenges and nasal sprays (2).
  • Zinc acetate: Like zinc gluconate, zinc acetate is often added to cold lozenges to reduce symptoms and speed up the rate of recovery
  • Zinc sulfate: In addition to helping prevent zinc deficiency, zinc sulfate has been shown to reduce the severity of acne
  • Zinc picolinate: Some research suggests that your body may absorb this form better than other types of zinc, including zinc gluconate and zinc citrate
  • Zinc orotate: This form is bound to orotic acid and one of the most common types of zinc supplements on the market .
  • Zinc citrate: One study showed that this type of zinc supplement is as well-absorbed as zinc gluconate but has a less bitter, more appealing taste.

Because it’s one of the most widely available and Zinc Vitamins cost-effective forms of zinc, zinc gluconate can be a good option to help bump up your intake without breaking your bank.

However, if you’re able to invest a bit more, zinc 50mg gummies picolinate may be better absorbed.

Available in capsule, tablet, and lozenge form, there are plenty of options to get your daily dose of zinc — regardless of the type you choose.

However, keep in mind that nasal sprays containing zinc have been linked to loss of smell and should be avoided.

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