31. January 2023

Your quick guide to concrete floors

Flooring – Oh wow, I like those natural-looking concrete. Do feeling like these oozes out when you see the concrete floors in your neighborhood? If that is so, you must know how concrete can turn around your interiors and exteriors as well.

Undeniably, concrete floors in Vancouver have a raw and elegant beauty that can be warm, cozy, and very expressive. Long gone are the days when concrete flooring was only limited to the basement or subfloor of a house. Fast forward to today, these floors offer a contemporary aesthetic that not only looks good but can also contribute to the warmth of the house by bringing thermal mass. One primary benefit of adding concrete floors in Vancouver is that it is durable, easy to care for, and available in a range of textures, colors, and polishes. Check out the following guide to help you create your concrete floors in a better way.

Concrete flooring – what is it?

Concrete, as we all know, is a natural composite material made with a combination of river stones, rocks, and granite chips combined with a cement binder and water. It is the most basic flooring material and generally forms the subfloor or base of a building that may be covered with a tile or wood, or can be left exposed as well.

The concrete floors are mostly poured as part of a new build or an existing floor that can be stripped back to the concrete slab as part of a renovation. You can take into account a series of treatments that can transform the slab into a decorative and smooth surface perfect for flooring. 

What you must consider while choosing concrete flooring?

Well, it is time that you add concrete flooring in Vancouver for your work. Here are certain recommendations from our experts.

* For a new building, you must pour the concrete early on in the construction stage so that the aggregate mix, color, and finishes are decided well before this stage only.

* Be careful while stripping back as it may have an unfinished look. You need to treat it very well as in the beginning the concrete was not supposed to be exposed.

* The kind of polish that you do on your concrete is also going to affect the overall aesthetic of the floor as well as the budget. For instance, a light polish or a matte look will be less expensive, add a more natural look, and doesn’t show many of the stones inside the substrate, and on the other hand, a heavy polish will be more expensive and will expose the stones and offer a colorful finish.

If you are looking for concrete repairs in Vancouver, you can reach out to us.

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