29. March 2023

You Are Looking For An Orthodontics For Invisalign Treatment

In this article we are going to discuss some interesting facts about braces. We are going to explore some facts and, in the process, bust some myths pertaining to braces and treatment of braces or orthodontic treatment. If you are looking for an Orthodontics in Rockwall, and for Invisalign in Rockwall, consider Smile Markers Ortho.

Braces are really old; nearly as old as 300 years:

It was in 1728 when a French Physician named Pierre Fauchard invented the first braces. He came to be known as the father of modern dentistry. This set of braces contained flat pieces of metal chunks which were attached to the teeth and were connected to each other by a thread. It was 200 years later when Edward Angle made some remarkable improvements in this original brace and fixed some of the issues and problems with the original one, thereby giving the braces (aligners) a new dimension and life in the realm of dentistry.

The wire that we use today in the braces was first developed by NASA: While Edward Angle’s innovation was ground breaking in itself, it was very expensive because of the gold factor. So, we needed an alternate to make braces more accessible to people for the common masses. It was in 1958 when NASA made a giant-leap and developed a metal alloy named nickel titanium. Technically the metal alloy was made by the space agency for making space shuttles or for making components of space shuttles because of their high heat tolerance capacity, the material can also be made into thin and highly flexible wires. These can maintain the shape even after they are bent. And these wires made from the nickel-titanium alloy made for the perfect material for the wires of the braces and also brought down the cost of braces and made them affordable to a lot of people.

Braces aren’t just for ensuring or getting straighter teeth:

Of course when we talk about braces the first thing that comes to our minds is that we will get straighter teeth and that braces are orthodontic tools which can fix orthodontic issues and problem; or misalignment of teeth and the jaw. And this is entirely true. But there is more to braces than you can typically comprehend. Apart from fixing the bite of the wearer of the braces, it can also help in improving the speech of a person, dealing with breathing issues caused by orthodontic issues and alleviating problems pertaining to chewing and swallowing because of some orthodontic issues. Orthodontics isn’t different from regular dentistry. It is part and parcel of dentistry. And hence, orthodontics are dentists only. Also, there are 10 different types of braces.

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