XeroChat v7.2.9 – Complete Messenger Marketing Software for Facebook

February 5, 2022

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XeroChat - Complete Messenger Marketing Software for Facebook
XeroChat – Complete Messenger Marketing Software for Facebook Nulled Free Download 7.2.9 – CodeCanyon | XeroChat v7.2.9 – Complete Messenger Marketing Software for Facebook is mostly a visually drag-and-drop Chatbot that is based on Flow Builder to Facebook Messenger as well as Instagram DM. It also includes a feature that allows auto-comment, auto reply to comments, and a private replies to comment on Facebook as well as Instagram.
In addition, it has an option to post posts on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Yes, it comes with the SMS along with an Email marketing feature. However it comes with a fully-featured Ecommerce platform that works within Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM as well as on browsers for the web. It also ChatPion is self-hosted, White Label multi-user SaaS application. In a nutshell it’s an all-in one marketing tool for your company.
With the ChatPion the Flow Builder which is a visually-driven drag-and-drop chatbot editor, you are able to easily create an interactive and highly adaptable Facebook Messenger or Instagram bot. You can complete the entire process of building a bot using this Flow Builder without moving here and there. Thus, you’ll be able to manage all actions, messages and interactions.
If you examine the bot’s interface on the Flow Builder it is possible to imagine how the bot might communicate with customers. This is why you can build the bot so that it will attract ever-growing numbers of customers.
In the Flow Builder you can create a condition-based intelligent bot that makes actions based on the users’ data and make the appropriate decisions. It doesn’t just send random messages to all people. Instead, it delivers the correct message to the right people.
Its ChatPion Builder Builder can be used by anyone and has been well thought-out and designed. It is possible to build your own bot using the Flow Builder by simply dragging and dropping it very quickly. It makes bot building simple and easy.
The application comes with social sharing features that allows users to schedule and publish posts for various popular social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. In addition, it comes with Facebook and Instagram tools for growing comments that allow you to reply and comment to posts’ comments as well as send private replies and do other tasks that are available on Facebook or Instagram.
The application also has an Email as well as SMS Marketing tools that allows you to be used to send Bulk Emails or SMS messages to your clients.
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