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January 15, 2022

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WP Migrate DB Pro
WP Migrate DB Pro Free Download 2.2.1 – deliciousbrains | WP Migrate DB Pro v2.2.1 is a WordPress migration plugin that makes exporting and moving databases simple, quick, and painless. It simplifies the process of migrating your WordPress site.
WP Migrate DB Pro handles serialized data by serializing it and traversing it, detecting strings and performing a find and replace operation on them. After it has gone over all of the data, it serializes it again and inserts it into the database.
WP Migrate DB fully supports serialized data and arrays, as well as the ability to discover and replace content within serialized arrays. What does this have to do with you? It means that migrating your database will be much easier, and there will be no chance of data corruption.
Install WP Migrate DB Pro on two or more WordPress sites and then easily push and pull the database, media, themes, and plugins across them. Thousands of expert WordPress developers rely on this workflow tool.
Are you exporting the database with phpMyAdmin, SequelAce, or another database tool and then performing a find and replace on the SQL file? Then there’s the matter of downloading your files, themes, and plugins via FTP!
WP Migrate DB Pro integrates seamlessly into your developer process, allowing you to migrate from localhost to live.
Doing it manually with SQL export files, running an unsafe script on your server, or utilizing a cumbersome backup-restore plugin are all time wasters. Not to mention exhausting.
A WordPress database transfer should not involve any blood, sweat, or tears.
Why not simply export the database and perform a find and replace on the SQL file? Isn’t it simple? Wrong.
When unsterilized, any replacement done to data that uses PHP serialisation (e.g. widgets) will corrupt the serialisation and result in an empty string.
WP Migrate DB Pro recognizes serialized data and performs a particular find and replace operation on it to ensure that the data is not corrupted.
If you select the backup option before executing a migration, your database will be backed up before the migration and replacement.
Backups not only provide peace of mind, but they also allow you to version your database, allowing you to travel back in time and retrieve information that should not have changed.
WordPress saves the site URL as well as the site directory in the database. This varies depending on the site environment, such as local and staging locations.
During the migration, WP Migrate DB Pro recognizes this data and does the find and replace.
WP Migrate DB Pro is a plugin that changes data in post content, pages, widgets, options, and metadata. It also works with content written by the Block Editor.
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