29. March 2023

Why Use An Implant Locator Rather Than Traditional Adhesive Products?

Dental patients who have experienced multiple lost teeth, or damaged gums, may have to use dental restorative procedures for dental care. This is where the denture implant locator can come into aid for placing dental implants accurately in the jawbone. The implant system consists of a small metal piece that is screwed into the implant fixture during the surgery and is designed to assist in the placement of the dental implants.

What advantage can you get with an implant locator?

Dental professionals mostly use implant locators to ensure the accuracy of implant placement, which is critical for the long-term success of the procedure. This reduces the surrounding tissue and structural damage or implant failure due to improper placement. You can use an implant locator for a variety of implant surgeries like single-tooth implants, multiple-tooth implants, or full-arch implant procedures. When there is limited bone available, an implant locator can be used as a guide for proper implant placements.

Improved accuracy and precision of implant placement using an implant locator leads to offering better long-term outcomes for the patients due to improved aesthetics, better function and a reduced risk of implant failure. You can reduce the surgery procedure length, so patients would not get anxious or uncomfortable during the procedure. Hence, the implant locator has become an important tool in the field of dental implant surgery.

Improve your dental implant treatment accuracy with an implant locator that offers a reference point for implant placement. Get a high-quality supply of zest locators from Dental Implant Technologies to bring more comfort to your patients.

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