27. March 2023

Why Should You Love to Choose MEAN Stack for Your Website Development Project


Web developers have many options when it comes to website development. But, it is important to remember that technology is constantly evolving and presents new challenges. So when choosing a JavaScript framework for your web development, make sure you choose one that allows you to showcase your skills and allow you to work efficiently. More web developers are switching from the LAMP/WAMP stack towards the MEAN stack. This is why they excel at the moment.

MEAN stack can be used to build a website for either a startup or an established business. This JavaScript framework is preferred by both frontend and backend developers for website development.

The components of MEAN Stack

MEAN stack, an open-source software, is a MongoDB acronym, where E stands for Express and A stands for AngularJS. Finally, N stands for Node.js. Each of these technical terms can be discussed separately.

Web developers have found that they can handle complex projects with the help of these four technologies.


MongoDB, the first acronym of MongoDB, is a cross-platform open-source database framework. Its primary function is to manage the database.

It all depends on the architecture that consists of collections of documents, and not tables and rows. MongoDB’s JSON format is a great way to transfer data.

It is cost-effective and can be used to transfer client and server-side information. But that’s not all. It can be used for many other purposes, including index preparation, load balancing, and aggregation.


This JavaScript-based web application is also very popular. It assists in developing web applications using APIs.

This cutting-edge technology allows developers to add new features. When it is combined with Node.js, it simplifies the development process. This technology is used primarily for backend development. It allows one to write faster, more secure applications.


Express.js is used for backend development, so Angular is used to perform frontend operations.

It can therefore be considered an ideal friend for Full Stack frontend engineers who are working on the project. This framework was developed by Google and has higher reliability. It allows you to build dynamic web applications that can be fully scalable.

It also supports data binding, which allows developers to focus on the code and main application. It is also one of the most popular tools for developing mobile apps with the help of Apache Cordova for Crossplatform.


Node.js, another JavaScript website development tool that uses Chrome’s V8 engine, is another well-known JavaScript application. It is unique because it has a run-time feature that allows you to develop dynamic and scalable web apps.

You can build web servers, as well as free modules and networking tools, which further assist in accessing the networks, data streams, crypto-based functions, etc.

It also reduces the difficulty of development. It supports all major services such as UNIX and Microsoft Windows.

Advantages of choosing MEAN Stack

Let’s now look at some of the reasons MEAN stack is the leading JavaScript framework.

1. Because of its affordability, choose MEAN Stack

MEAN stack is budget-friendly, which is one of the key reasons it has been so popular with both developers and clients. Because this framework is full-stack, clients won’t need to look for other developers.

Many young developers have expressed their interest in JavaScript since its introduction. You can work in a team, where JavaScript developers all work together on a single project.

Code can be shared among developers and is reusable within the stack.

2. It’s an entire JavaScript

MEAN stack also has another advantage: it is a complete JavaScript framework that proves to be beneficial for both the client and server sides.

It supports both Windows OS and Linux OS. It supports JavaScript, which provides a great user experience and helps in data management.

JavaScript is also useful in data recovery. If you use MEAN, this process will be even faster. It is a powerful and reliable framework that allows developers to create web applications.

Node.js as well as Angular offer better opportunities to create dynamic and scalable web applications. This increases the likelihood of traffic increasing.

3. It is well-known for its flexibility and efficiency

MEAN Stack, a JavaScript framework with flexibility and efficiency that can handle any size project and all companies is available. You may be asked to create complex apps or single-page applications.

It is much easier to collaborate on different projects if you have an experienced team. It is easy to share data and other information. All you have to do is add a field and then follow the next steps.

4. JSON: The Benefit

JSON is a great asset for MEAN stack developers. If the developer chooses MongoDB or AngularJS, it allows seamless data distribution between layers. It saves you the time and effort of writing new codes.

Developers can also access PHP. You can also import data with the help code from MSQL and process it.

JSON has the added advantage of JSON using similar formats every time. If you are reformatting, you can also save time. It also supports external APIs, so you can interact with them.

5. Business Scalability is an ideal choice

You will see that each of the four frameworks in the MEAN stack is free, open-source, and highly scalable.

It also includes several additional libraries and reusable modules. This help to accelerate the development process and save a lot of time.


MEAN stack is the best choice for developing dynamic, highly-visited web applications. You can create simple applications as well as more complex ones using the MEAN stack platform. Node.js is home to some of the biggest players in the Node.js ecosystem, including Netflix, PayPal, and LinkedIn.


It’s true that MEAN is growing slowly and steadily and will eventually overtake LAMP. If you’re looking for an expert MEAN stack developer who can cater to your needs, then contact the experts.

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