Why It’s Vital You Fix Water Leaks As Soon As Possible

April 24, 2022

Why It’s Vital You Fix Water Leaks As Soon As Possible
By: 911 Water Damage Experts

If you see a water leak in your home, first of all, make sure to find the source, and take it from there.

Below we highlight common areas in the home where water leaks are likely to happen and why it’s important you fix water leaks immediately.

Let’s get into it!


If you find one spot on your floor constantly drenched with water, then you might want to look up and check the ceiling.

Your ceiling might be damaged in a way that allows for water to leak inside your home.

A great way to tell the source of the leak is to check the state of the water: if it is clear; it means that there is a leak from your plumbing; if the water is muddy, it means that the source of the leak is from the roof.

You can also determine the leak source by checking the weather.

If the water leaks continue even though the weather is dry, then the leak is definitely from the plumbing, and if the leaks occur while the weather is bad, then you have your answer there.

Also, beware of the fact that in winter, the pipes in your home have a chance of bursting.


One of the most frequent places where a water leak can happen is in the kitchen, and that is all because of the pipes and faucets that are placed everywhere.

So naturally, when and if a leak happens, the first thing you would have to check is the pipes and faucets and you have to act quickly since there are plenty of electrical appliances around the kitchen that could get damaged.


This one is obvious, the bathroom can be the perfect place for a water leak to set.

It is the place where you usually wash, so when there is a lot of water, most people think nothing of it, but you still have to be prepared to act fast.

This is the reason why it is sometimes difficult to spot a water leak in the bathroom, mostly because it is wet almost all of the time.

Make sure to regularly check the weak points such as faucets, water in the tub, and any signs of flood in areas that are usually dry.


Even though your bedroom is most likely the safest place when it comes to water leaks, this can still happen.

If you have an AC and there is water dripping from there, it can easily cause plenty of damage to your flooring.

Another potential damage-causing appliance can be the air humidifier, so watch out for that too.

After we have looked at all of the causes, once you notice a leak in your room, it is advised to try to fix it immediately.

Nevertheless, you still have to inspect the damage and assess if it is feasible to have it fixed yourself or by a professional water damage company.

It is imperative to understand that water damage can do some serious damage to your overall health and the longer you wait the more expensive it is to fix, so it is of high importance to deal with it promptly.

To fully understand the scope of the situation, here are some of the most important things that will be protected if you deal with the water leak sooner rather than later.

Why You Need To Fix Water Leaks Immediately

fix water leaks


The first thing that is bound to get compromised after a water leak is the appearance of your home.

The walls and floors will start looking discolored and the structural integrity of the home compromised.

To make things even worse, mould can appear in damp places and can lead to a bad smell that will spread all around the home.

If this continues for a longer period, then the damage can become so great that the home will start being unbearable to live in.

Also, when putting buckets out for the water, it can be a bit less pleasing for the eye, and it messes with the décor of the home.

Chunks of the walls might start falling off, and in the event of a flood, all types of dust will be floating along with the water.

It is not just the overall appearance, but the solidity of the home as well.


As something we have already mentioned, water has the power to bring down a firm structure – the same can happen with your home too.

When the water is present for a long time and the damage is left unattended, it can easily lead to some serious damage to the extent of your carpets, furniture, and clothes being damaged to the point of no repair.

You can slip on a wet and damaged floor, and if you have some electrical appliances turned on, the threat is even bigger.


Finally, the biggest threat that may occur due to water leaks is connected to health.

If the water leak is not fixed as fast as possible, the leaks can create mould, and that can lead to some serious health conditions.

It can be a potentially hazardous thing that can lead to headaches, dizziness, asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues.

Even if you think you have removed all of the moulds, it is imperative to look well beyond the surface, since the mould is difficult to remove.

Calling a professional mould removal company to help you with that might be the best choice for you.

Bottom line is that water leaks can happen to anyone, and there is always a way to stop them and rectify the damage.

If the damage is larger, you can always call a professional, and try to contain the extent of the damage yourself until they arrive.

Try anything from restraining the course of the water to draining the remaining water in the pipe by opening the faucets, to even shutting the water valve off, just remember to remove everything that can be damaged since the water may be contaminated, and you are good to go!

Make sure to take care of yourself by taking care of your home, and this is one way to do that!

If you have any questions about how to fix water leaks or water damage repair and restoration feel free to call us at 1-833-WE-DRY-IT any time 24/7/365 all the time or chat with us on Facebook, we’re there when you need us!

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