Why It Is The Best Time To Opt For Computer Science Courses

November 22, 2021

As a field, computer science is thriving at the moment. Which makes this the best of times to study computer science courses. The current scenario of society is dominated by science and technology. Every aspect of our lives has something to do with computer science. Students who are interested in the field of technology and innovations can opt for computer science courses. Computer science courses are the best option for students who are good with algorithms and computing. Computer science also deals with programming languages, networking, software engineering and many other aspects. 

 Computer science courses are always in high demand. Many students opt for them because of the number of bright opportunities associated with all the courses in this field. If a student opts for these courses, they get the opportunity to learn a wide range of important skills such as leadership skills, critical thinking skills, problem-solving, logical thinking and many other skills. Apart from computer science, these skills have a major role to play in several different fields today. The demand for computer science graduates has increased over the years. Let us look at some of the major benefits of computer science courses


  1. Wide range of career opportunities: Studying computer science opens up a large number of good career opportunities for any student. This is because there is a growing demand for computer science professionals in the job market. The placement cell at Rabindranath Tagore University will help students find a job successfully after graduation. Moreover, the field of computer science is seeing a lot of new jobs open up. 

  2. Good salary packages: There is an urgent need for professionals in the field of computer science, due to the evolution of technology like machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence. Job roles in these industries pay really well. The starting salary for these areas of work in India can be as high as 6 Lakh per annum. 

  3. Career opportunities all over the world: After studying computer science courses, students have the opportunity to work all over the world. RNTU faculty members make sure that the students are well prepared with all the skills and knowledge they require for working in a global environment. 

  4. Various industries: Jobs related to computer science can be found in many different industries. Fields like healthcare, finance, education, communications, transportation and many other industries rely on computer science graduates for the functioning of software programmes that are specifically designed for a particular field. 

  5. Earn while studying: Computer science courses are some of the few courses that allow students to earn while they study. Students have the chance to work in IT support, web development and other related fields. 

 Which university can one study computer science at?

 There are many good universities for computer science courses, but if you wish to study the course in Bhopal, Rabindranath Tagore University is a very good choice for you. Here, students have the opportunity to pursue the course in either distance or regular modes of education, depending on what is convenient for them. 

 The university has a faculty that is very experienced and qualified. They try their best to make sure that every student enrolled on the course learns to their full potential. It is ensured that both practical and theoretical methods are used for teaching the students. To keep the course engaging and interesting, practicals and workshops are a regular part of the course curriculum. 

Apart from these, regular events like guest lectures, seminars and conferences take place at the university. These events allow students to learn from the unique experiences of the professionals who have worked in the field for a long time. After these events, students have the opportunity to go and speak to these professionals directly and get their individual queries addressed to them. 

The infrastructure at the university was designed professionally. The campus is very large and beautiful with world-class facilities. The campus also has a huge sports complex. Apart from this, there is a library with all the books a student would require for further study. Students are often found in the library after course hours. 

 The university offers placement services to help students find employment after graduation. The placement cell also trains students with good soft skills and other important skills for making a good impression on recruiting companies. Students are given ample amounts of support till they find a job. 

 What is the eligibility criteria for PGDCA courses?

 To be eligible for computer science courses like PGDCA, a student needs to score at least 50% aggregate in their higher secondary examinations. They also must have computer science as their subject in eleventh and twelfth standards. Admissions to the courses are entirely based on merit. 

 What kind of job opportunities are available to students after graduation?

There is no shortage of good job opportunities in the field after graduation. Here are some of the most popular ones


  • Computer networking

  • Cyber security

  • Machine learning analyst

  • Data administration

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