Why choose a digital marketing career in 2022?

May 18, 2022

While digital marketing is not the career most people dream of, it is excellent. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the number of opportunities available, which will only get better as you look into 2021.

Digital Marketing Role is Constantly Changing

Digital marketing is a dynamic field that is constantly evolving with new platforms, and this is one of the reasons a career in digital marketing is so exciting. Digital marketing managers are always looking for trends to determine discoverability.

Digital marketing experience covers every aspect of a brand’s online presence. Digital marketing managers can determine the impact of new updates on website rankings by analyzing how search engines update their algorithms. The entire marketing team then works together to develop a strategy.

What is the Demand for Digital Marketers

LinkedIn reports that the “Digital Marketing Specialist” job is one of the most sought-after jobs, with 860,000 open positions. Social media, content strategy and SEO are the most sought-after areas of digital marketing experience.

There are many facets of digital marketing strategy, which means that there are a lot of jobs related to it. The digital skills gap is a real crisis in the digital marketing industry. According to a LinkedIn survey, there is a shortage of digital marketing professionals in major metropolitan areas of the U.S.

Digital marketing is booming with so many jobs available and few professionals; it’s the perfect time to get your digital marketing business started.

How to get started in digital marketing

It is essential to be familiar with the main specialities within digital marketing before you start your career. There are many roles in digital marketing that you can consider, and each one requires a different set of skills which you can learn through UppSkill an online digital marketing course.

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is pretty straightforward, and you send emails to specific lists. Targeting is what requires specialized skills.

Marketing emails are sent out to prospects and customers to increase business and raise awareness about products and services. These emails are also used to engage customers and prospects, even if there is no direct sale. Email marketers are responsible for testing different subject lines, text and formats to determine which emails receive the most attention.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization is likely to play a significant role in digital marketing, regardless of your experience. Search Engine Optimization is the foundation of all content, as it’s the basis of any content, and all content should be discoverable.

Solid prospects for SEO professionals in digital marketing are strong. Professionals who are proficient in social media, content quality score, competitive analysis, mobile searches, website analytics, and other digital marketing topics are highly sought after. To maximize online traffic, you must cover all bases.

3. Copywriting

You’ll see how important writing is to digital marketing as you gain more experience. Copywriters create various content, including tag lines, product descriptions, and emails. Copywriters can also produce non-digital content such as direct mail and video scripts.

A strong writing background is essential for copywriters, but they also need to be creative and curious. Their job is to get people to pay attention in an environment full of distractions.

4. Content writing

Although copywriting and content writing may play the same role in digital marketing at first glance, once you start your digital marketing journey, you will see that they are two different jobs.

Longer-form content is what content writers specialize in, and this helps attract readers and keep them coming back throughout the sales cycle. They write white papers, case studies, blog posts and e-books to educate and keep readers coming back.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an integral part of digital marketing. Social media managers promote brands via networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Social media managers create campaign strategies, videos, and graphics and research audience trends to reach people. This job requires you to work after hours to answer incoming messages, and it also involves writing, design and project management. It is essential to have experience in digital marketing and building a community.

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6. Advertising

Over the last few decades, advertising has seen significant changes. Digital advertising is now a substantial part of digital marketing.

Advertisers are responsible for matching the right products with the right audience. They establish relationships with media brands to determine which types of content are most effective for each outlet. Additionally, they negotiate terms and rates that both parties will be happy with. For competitive creatives looking for a fast-paced and people-oriented environment, digital advertising offers a great career path in digital marketing.

7. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Optimization is often confused with Search Engine Marketing. However, SEM’s significant difference is that SEM uses paid tactics. SEM managers analyze keyword trends to determine the best amount of bids for these terms, so that company pages show up in search results. This combination of SEO and advertising helps to draw visitors to your website.


Many platforms and tools are available to research search terms, bid, and run A/B tests to determine which variations are the most effective. SEM managers need to be analytical and data-driven to succeed.

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