Who Qualifies For A German Skilled Work Visa?

August 20, 2021

There are two kinds of skilled workers: those having academic learning and those having professional learning—the degrees gained from overseas need to be formally acknowledged in Germany. Skilled workers having professional learning should have completed a formally acknowledged professional learning program that, as per German law, should be at least 2 years in duration.

Those having academic learning should have obtained a degree from an institution of higher studies. Decide on the most dependable Germany job seeker visa consultants in Dubai.

What Is Required To Be Eligible As A Skilled Worker?

1.      If you have an employment offer, you need to ask your employer to fill up the “Declaration regarding contract of employment”.

2.      If you meet the requisites for international students, for example, official documents, secure means of support, and so on.

3.      If your degree has been formally acknowledged.

4.      If you are more than 45 years of age and moving to Germany for work, your gross annual pay for the post you aim at taking should be no less than 46 860 Euros, or you need to show evidence of sufficient old age pension provisions.

Try not to submit the application until you have met all of the requisites and are able to display a full set of official documents. If your foreign degree is still not recognized formally, your application can’t be processed.

What Exactly Does A Skilled Work Permit Offer?

A skilled work permit is granted for 4 years. If an employment contract has a shorter period, a residence permit might be granted for the contract period. If you have obtained a permit for the purpose of employment for 4 years, you might be allowed to acquire a settlement permit if specific requisites are complied with. This is basically a permit for permanent residence.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What Can I Do If I Qualify As A Skilled Worker?

You can submit an application for an EU Blue Card if you comply with these requisites:

1.      Your gross annual income will be not less than 56800 Euros.

2.      You have been provided with a definite post for at least a year.

3.      The post matches your credentials.

In such instances, the approval of the Federal Employment Agency is not needed. For professions like doctors, IT professionals, etc., a gross annual pay of 44304 Euros is enough, as the Federal Employment Agency has given its approval.

If you don’t comply with the EU Blue Card requisites, you can be awarded a residence designation yet, which includes the right to be appointed as a skilled worker in your field of qualification. For this, you have to perform in this profession on account of your qualification. Semi-skilled jobs and assistant posts don’t qualify; it has to be a skilled job. The Federal Employment Agency will check whether your foreign degree/certificate is equivalent to the job that you want to engage in.

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Q2. If I Have Employment Experience In It, Though I Don’t Have A Degree, Can I Still Work In Germany?

To work in the area of IT, you don’t need to demonstrate evidence that you are a skilled worker, on condition that these criteria are fulfilled:

1.      A gross annual pay of at least 51120 Euros.

2.      Equivalent degree that you have obtained during at least 3 years of professional learning in the past 7 years.

3.      A command of German at level B1; this requisite might apply in extraordinary cases, for instance, if you can demonstrate that the definite job needs just a command of English.

Q3. Are There Other Probabilities To Land In Germany And Start Working?

Besides qualifying as a skilled worker, residence designations can be granted for jobs regulated by the Employment Ordinance.  These comprise management posts in organizations, professional drivers, athletes, specific internships, artists, and people working on a contract basis. In general, you don’t have to attain formal acknowledgement of your degree.

If you want to work in a regulated occupation, you need to have either attained or been guaranteed that you’ll be provided with a written consent to perform your job. Also, residents of certain states might get work visas for all professions. In lots of instances, permission from the Federal Employment Agency is necessary.

Q4. Can I Come To Germany Even If I Haven’t Found A Job?

You might apply for a work visa that would allow you to search for a job within your field of qualification for up to 6 months, only if your degree/certificate has been acknowledged formally. If you prefer a regulated job, such as healthcare, you should have either acquired or been guaranteed that you’ll be given written approval to perform your work.

A skilled work visa doesn’t allow family members to join you.

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