30. November 2022

What Men Should Know About Engagement Rings?

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The proposal for your bae is the most exciting moment of your life and though you are going to enjoy the time, there are many responsibilities that come along with the proposal. You will come across whys and wherefores, the questions of ‘when’ and ‘how,’ and perhaps the most difficult one, choosing the right ring. Engagement rings must encapsulate all your feelings for a lifetime. How on earth can one single piece of jewelry envelop everything that you want to say? 

Fortunately, there is an engagement ring out there for everyone, and finding theirs is a case of knowing where you must start. The internet is wash with plenty of style guides and look books, but there are a few handy nuggets of wisdom we feel you really ought to add to your arsenal much before you open the doors. 

Start with a budget

We know that you want to best for your bae. You may like our princess cut pink morganite ring but you must know if the ring is in your budget. Fortunately, we can customize rings as per your budget. Just let us know what you want. 

When you are choosing your ring, you must be honest with yourself and establish a budget that doesn’t keep you under a pressure. 

No need to hunt for it alone 

You may want to surprise your girl with a princess cut pink morganite ring but there is no need to go to the store alone. Take her help so that you know what are her likes and dislikes. You both can pick up engagement rings of your personal choices. 

Reach out to us for more help. 

Christine Ross

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