27. March 2023

What Is Required For The Better Performance Of The Pos System?


A POS system is installed and used at many places to ease the complications of expanding business. This system makes the transactions simple to execute at the counter and throughout the systems. The POS system is very simple to install in the business and needs minimal components with POS tablet hardware.

Following is the list of components that are comprised of a POS system:

1. A touch screen monitor at the counter is the backbone of the POS system hardware where the transactions like checking out of orders, booking appointments, or tapping in for inventory requirements.

2. Guest facing screen is mainly attached to the same rod as the computer on the counter, where a customer can check for the transaction, ensure the items are included in the list, enter the name and basic details and approve the transaction at the end.

3. A cash drawer is fitted below the touch screen with a lock integrated with a system or manual to keep the cash segregated for exchange. This component of POS tablet hardware plays a crucial role in a compartmental structure to fasten the cash exchange.

4. The system also includes a receipt printer for printing the receipt for customers, including product details. This is also given for reference in case of exchange.

5. A barcode reader detects the product included in the order, and a card reader machine is kept at the counter for card payments.

In concluding note:

Though the POS system is easy to install, it comprises many parts that efficiently run the software. Lime Oder is a one-stop solution where that provides services with maximum efficiency.


Mark Luther

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