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What is ASN/BIFMA Level Certification mean and objectives of BIFMA Certification in Netherlands

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What does BIFMA Certification mean?

BIFMA has been the office furniture industry’s voice since 1973.The trade association known as BIFMA is made up of manufacturers of institutional and office furniture.

BIFMA contributes to the development and improvement of standards, informs the public about their purpose and application, and transforms the necessary complexity into simpler formats to comprehend and apply. We strive towards sustainability at every stage of a piece of office furniture’s life.

Staff participation is encouraged through BIFMA Certification in Netherlands, which improves the working environment and makes tasks simpler. With BIFMA Certification you may identify issues early on and take swift action to avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly.


How do you call your furniture that is BIFMA Certified?


BIFMA stands for the Association of Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers. This nonprofit organisation’s objective is to provide rules people can choose to abide by to make workplaces safer. Since its inception, BIFMA Certification in the Netherlands has emerged as the market leader in creating standards that guarantee products function correctly and inspire consumer confidence. Products with Dutch BIFMA Certification frequently provide the following:


  • Permanent protection

  • Durable and 

  • Robust.


Top 5 Reasons to Order BIFMA-Compliant Products

Buying BIFMA-compliant goods provides several clear benefits, such as:


  • Having confidence that the furniture has complied with strict safety requirements

  • encouraging the creation of a functional yet comfortable work environment

  • Employees who operate in environments that prioritise safety are typically more effective.

  • fewer workplace accidents and workers’ compensation claims

  • I am acquiring a long-lasting product with a warranty of at least five years.


What is LEVEL Certification in BIFMA?

LEVEL is the three credit categories of Environmental Impacts, Health and Wellness Impacts, and Social Impacts available to LEVEL certification candidates. Prerequisites and credits for the products, manufacturing facilities, and company are included in each area.


Manufacturers can obtain one of three certification levels based on the acquired points:

  • LEVEL 1- 32 to 48 total points; at least 5 of those points must be connected to the product

  • LEVEL 2- 49 to 68 total points, with at least 16 of those points being connected to the product

  • LEVEL 3- 69 to 111 total points, of which at least 26 are associated with the product.


Benefits of BIFMA LEVEL Certification in Netherlands?

We deliver excellent customer service that gives customers a significant advantage thanks to our strong expertise in sustainable certification processes, eco-labels, and our committed furniture industry team. After becoming certified, a manufacturer receives the LEVEL certification mark, which they can use to advertise their certification in the market. This logo is a priceless marketing tool that convinces customers of a business’s reliability and makes a crucial difference. Through LEED Pilot Credit 80, LEVEL-certified goods can also count toward LEED credits.


What Is ANSI/BIFMA-Compliant Furniture?

The American National Standards Institute, ANSI, oversees BIFMA’s activities. This group creates norms to raise the standard of living in America and encourage competitiveness among domestic producers. To safeguard customers, staff members, and business owners, more than 1,200 ANSI standards have been implemented. Independent laboratories worldwide test the best office furniture products following ANSI/BIFMA performance requirements.


How can your business use the BIFMA Certification?

BIFMA is a list of furniture items that adhere to BIFMA requirements. The Dutch word for certification that satisfies durability and safety standards is “compliant.” Compliance clarifies the market by demonstrating which outcomes adhere to established industry norms. Manufacturers from all around the world are welcome to attend the event.


BIFMA Certification ensures that every customer feels secure when making a purchase. It achieves this by presenting various already-available options and acknowledging that more and more people and companies are establishing home offices. A registry is a resource that makes it simple for buyers and specifiers to locate high-quality products that are durable and safe.



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