What Are The Main Causes Of Ducted AC Breakdowns

April 14, 2022

During excruciating summer, air conditioners are our only partner that can keep our home cool and comfortable. Nobody wants to face sudden AC breakdown during the sweltering summer season. The could be various reasons for AC breakdown and some of them are explained below: 

Leaking Refrigerant

The refrigerant is a chemical liquid that keeps the air flowing through your ducted AC system cold. It is stored in a closed system and should never leak, which unfortunately can happen. This can be caused by an old or faulty part in your ducted AC unit, so it’s important to get professional service if you notice any leaks. Otherwise, your air conditioner won’t be able to cool the air as well as it should. To fix the issue, contact a professional at air conditioning Sydney who will find and fix the leak, recharge the refrigerant and test its performance once again.

Blocked Air Filters

If your air filters are dirty, you’ll notice a drop in the performance and energy efficiency of your AC system.

Dirty air filters mean that less cool air can get through to the rooms of your home. This means that it will take longer for them to become cool and comfortable, resulting in higher energy bills. A blocked filter also puts a strain on the motor of the AC unit, which is likely to result in much higher repair costs down the line.

You should check your filters regularly – at least every three months – and replace them when they’re dirty or damaged (you can replace some types yourself but others are designed to be disposable). If you have pets or people with allergies or respiratory conditions in your home, you might need to check and clean them more often than this.

Air Handler Is Old And Outdated

The air handler is the indoor part of an air conditioner. It consists mostly of a large metal box that contains the evaporator coil, blower and air filters. The evaporator coil is located inside the home and has refrigerant running through it to ensure that it is cool when in use. The blower contains a fan that circulates air throughout your home.

When any of the parts in the air handler begin to malfunction, they need to be replaced or repaired immediately so that they don’t cause further damage to your system. If you notice any signs of wear and tear on your ducted AC unit, contact an HVAC professional right away for repairs or replacements.

Electrical Issues

It’s understandable that it can be difficult to determine the cause of a sudden breakdown in your home AC unit—especially if you’re not sure where the problem is coming from! There are several possible issues, and it’s not always easy to tell which are responsible for your AC’s failure. Ultimately, however, it doesn’t really matter where the problem lies as long as you can solve it. After all, if an AC isn’t running at full capacity in your home, you’ll be losing out on valuable air conditioning.

Airflow Is Restricted

Another common reason for a ducted air conditioning Sydney breakdown is restricted airflow, which affects the efficiency of your system and can lead to your AC unit not cooling the room at all.

  • You can check all ducts in the system for leaks, tears or holes. If you find any, they need to be repaired or replaced immediately.

  • You should also check each duct to make sure that it isn’t blocked with debris such as dust and dirt.

  • Check all vents for blockages such as furniture, rugs or curtains blocking the way of cool air flow into your home.

  • If your registers are blocked by furniture such as sofas or beds, this will affect the cooling efficiency of your AC system. Make sure that you keep them clear so that cool air can flow freely from them into each room without interruption.

  • Take note of whether any registers are closed in rooms which aren’t being used regularly – if this is a regular occurrence, it’s worth having a zoning system installed so that you don’t have to close registers manually; instead different areas can be cooled according to need when required.

Final Words

Knowing what causes your AC to break down will help you do maintenance better, but it’s important to know that this kind of breakdown can happen at any time. Sometimes, even if something seems out of the ordinary, it might not be serious. If your AC stops cooling or heats up too quickly when turning on. The filter is dirty and won’t let the air through, so you should call professionals immediately. 


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