27. March 2023

What Are The Differences Between Invisalign And Braces?

Braces and Invisalign are two of the most famous tools or instruments or apparatuses that people know about pertaining to the realm of dentistry. While braces have been around for some time, Invisalign is practically a new phenomenon and it aims to rectify some of the shortcoming with the traditional form of braces. If you are looking for Invisalign in Oyster Bay or in case you are looking for Orthodontics in Oyster Bay, consider Glen Cove Orthodontics.


A key aspect of opting for Invisalign aligner is that it is translucent, and hence the idea that it is invisible. It is not as conspicuous as braces. Braces are quite conspicuous. It is because of the fact that braces are made from metals. This adds to the bulk, and then there are metal wire which are basically connectors, on top of the metal chunks. Overall, the apparatus becomes conspicuously heavy. The apparatus becomes conspicuously visible when the person smiles, and though it is one of the most effective forms of dental treatments (pertaining to fixing misalignments of teeth), one has to understand that it is because of the appearance of the braces, many people get conscious about it and are a little hesitant with respect to Invisalign treatment. This is why they have come up with this new kind of aligner which is not exactly conspicuous, making it easier to operate normally in the day-to-day life and social discourse, without getting too conscious about the presence of the aligner.

It is easier to live with Invisalign. This is with respect to convenience of handling. If you take into account the fact that Invisalign is an aligner, you will be surprised to know that unlike most aligners, it is a very convenient device. To under this, we need to compare the same with the braces. Braces are not exactly convenient to begin with. The installation is a complex process and requires a dentist to work on it. It is a little inconvenient procedure as well. You will feel quite uncomfortable for at least a week. This period is called the adjustment period. During this period your body is trying to ge accustomed to the presence of an alien apparatus. You are most likely to experience pain, discomfort, sensitivity, inflammation, soreness. This because of the fact that the hard material is brushing past the delicate gums. It is important to note that the pain isn’t excruciating. It is more inclined towards discomfort. However, after a couple of days, this experience subsides and you feel much well, and accustomed to the presence of the apparatus. With Invisalign, the adjustment period is either negligible or absent. This is why it is so comfortable to wear in the first place.

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