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January 14, 2022

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vRent - Vacation Rental Marketplace
vRent – Vacation Rental Marketplace PHP Script Free Download 2.1 – CodeCanyon | vRent – Vacation Rental Marketplace v2.1 is a vacation rental booking service that specializes in vacation rentals all around the world. It is only created to meet the needs of landlords who want to make substantial money by offering holiday rentals from all over the world. The vRent Nulled PHP Script allows you to set up your own vacation rental platform to assist guests in finding a place to stay for a fee.
iCalendar is supported by vRent. iCal is a file format for creating and sharing electronic calendars. iCal assists you in automatically keeping your calendars up to date. When you connect your calendars using iCal, any new reservations or blocked dates are immediately closed out on all associated calendars. You can import, export, and sync your calendar with other calendars.
Importing allows you to see all of your reservations, seasonal events, holidays, and other events on a single calendar. This will assist you in avoiding a double booking.
Property listings are not limited to certain numbers; you can add hundreds of thousands of listings to your site, and you can quickly Add, Edit, and Manage your listing.
Anyone may now use vRent because there is no need to learn how to install or administer a website.
vRent includes an advanced calendar module that allows you to define a price for each date. The calendar can be used by the host and admin by blocking the unavailable dates. It can also configure the minimum and maximum dates by selecting the Start and End dates.
Social Sign-in is a safe and simple way for individuals to log into their accounts. Signing in using your Facebook or Google+ account also saves time from having to fill out all of the details during signup.
It is nothing more than the owner receiving a percentage of the commission when a booking is completed on the website.
The search/filter function allows guests to simply search the property. To search for a specific result, use the Filter option. When you enter the check-in and check-out dates, location, and price range, you will be able to see if the property is available at that time.
vRent can translate user articles into multiple languages. Its features are always being updated, and we will continue to offer more and more user-friendly features.
Users in vRent must book property through payment. User selects desired check-in and check-out dates, fills out other specific information, and submits payment. Users can pay for their reservations in this manner.
Each user has access to the property details information from the host listing property. The user will be able to book each accessible property from property.
vRent v-3.1 June 28, 2021
vRent v-2.9 December 10, 2020
vRent v-2.7 February 12, 2020
vRent v-2.5 May 16, 2019
vRent v-2.3 December 12, 2018
vRent v-2.1 September 20, 2018
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