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October 7, 2021

Food is basic need of life to provide energy to the body. Healthy living requires healthy eating. Lentils are beneficial for human health and fitness with great nutritional value. People neglect the nutritional importance of lentils and avoid them. But health benefits of lentils are something that should compel people to add lentils to their daily diet as a necessary and unavoidable part. Lentils are used in mostly Asian cuisines and served with a spicy touch. They are also used to make halwa and other sweets and it makes them real valuable either in taste or health.

Noon Daily collection of lentils is all the way from the largest farms all around the world and Noon Daily collects fresh lentils from the farthest farms to provide better service to the consumers. This connection, exports the lentils worldwide to spread healthy living around easily. It is now easy to shop healthy with economic budget. Apply Noon Daily code at and get yourself amazing discounts on shopping.

Moong Dal:

Yellow lentils, commonly known as moong dal are rich in nutrients and improve the heart health. It prevents diabetes and boosts digestive health. The deliciousness of it makes it the most eaten worldwide. It is used in curries with rice or chapatti, snacks such as fritters and sometimes used in confectionery products too.  Shopping experience will be joyful with amazing discounts, so apply Noon Daily code and get yours now.

Masoor Dal:

Red lentils, commonly known as Masoor Dal is really tasty and healthy. It is good for cardiac health, blood flow, cholesterol etc. It is most often used in curries and snacks which are loved by everyone for the amazing taste. Buy now with unimaginably low prices with Noon Daily code at

Toor Dal:

It is mostly used to make Dal fry, Dal tarka, Rasam, Sambhar and with great combination of vegetables such as spinach and fenugreek. Toor dal is also called Arhar dal and proven to be rich in iron and calcium. It is a rich source of proteins, carbohydrates, fibres, folic acids. Shop now at moderate price, apply Noon Daily code and enjoy good discounts.

Chana Dal:

Baby chickpea or Chana Dal provides strength to muscles and immunity to the body. It is good for healthy bones and teeth and to maintain the weight and blood sugar levels. It is commonly used in curries and often made with delicious combination with meat or vegetables. It is also used in the making of sweets.


Red kidney beans or Rajma is the most popular cereal in India. Rajma chawal is the most popular dish from India which is a delicious combination of rajma curry with rice. Rajma is expensive due to its nutritional value. It prevents cancer and makes bones strong. It is also good for weight management and to control blood sugar levels. It is commonly used in India, Nepal and Punjab province of Pakistan. Shop now, with discounts by applying Noon Daily code at

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