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January 15, 2022

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The top trending pic on our radar this week is that of a Namibian Airports Company (NAC) employee, who was photographed with her bare feet on a check-in desk in full view of travellers at the Hosea Kutako International Airport recently.
A source close to the employee said she is regretful of her conduct, adding she is “embarrassed and shattered”.
Although VIBEZ! does not want to cause her more grief by writing about the incident and publishing the image again, the picture taken by a travellers went viral and created a lot of sensation, which is what this segment is all about.
Legal Shield jumped onto the bandwagon by using the image for an ad. Could she or the photographer perhaps demand revenue from profits generated off using her image? We wonder!
The comments that followed the photo’s publication again highlight issues surrounding Namibia’s low level of customer service, which some have unfairly labelled a “Namibian culture”.
Baruch HaShem posted: “These memes (mothers) are all the same. Whether you go to home affairs, hospitals or whatever, same story, poor conduct and poor service”.
“Touristically [sic] speaking, her posture depicts Namibia’s relaxed and soothing environment. Therefore, tourists should throw everything too serious away and enjoy. Professionally, it suggests she is not worthy of being the face of Namibia and may, thus, benefit from some customer care training,” expressed Nuumvo Nashandi on Facebook.
Although many were disappointed in her conduct, others felt it was a minor issue that should not receive so much attention.
“This extreme, very small thing doesn’t deserve the attention. We have a far bigger problem like women abuse, poverty, and it seems like they on a break or something,” said Theopoline Onesmus.
Ruan Cowan said: “This has also just been blown out of proportion. Is it newsworthy that every paper and media house need to publish this woman’s photo with the story? If every employee that got a warning was posted on FB, will we even see true news?”
NAC has since apologised for the inappropriate behaviour of the employee, saying it does not condone such improper conduct, while promising the public its pledge of an efficient and friendly customer service code.
NAC added: “We do not condone such behaviour, and be assured of commitment-friendly customer service ethos”.
VIBEZ! hopes the young woman in the photo has learned a lesson, which should also be a warning to other public servants to always put their best foot forward. –

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