01. February 2023

Top Digital Marketing KPIs to track for your next Campaign


You are probably aware how far digital marketing has come and the key performance indicators (KPIs) play an essential role of measuring performance through your digital marketing strategy. But with so many options to choose from, and as many of the businesses are going through digital transformation, do you know where you need to start from? 

Here is a practical overview of essential KPIs for digital marketing and how to choose your initiatives, communications, and campaigns. 

You can start with just a few metrics that you know are strong indicators of your business health such as conversions or visitors’ rates, then figure out whether or not you have an analytics tool to manage the metrics or if you can calculate them yourself. 

1. Traffic from organic search: This is a KPI that will give you an accurate measurement of the website traffic earned through your organic search. 

2. Landing page conversions: Whether or not you have a dedicated landing page as part of your campaign, you must check if the landing pages are bringing conversions to your website. Try to understand how each is performing regarding conversions is essential. 

3. Cost per Click (CPC): CPC is a valuable KPI and you must have leave it behind when your digital agency in London is working on the digital campaigns. Using this will offer you a clear-cut pricing model that will help you make your campaigns as effective and cost-efficient as possible. 

Talk to the best digital marketing agency in London to have the right KPIs in place. 

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