24. March 2023

Top design tips for your laundry chute door


We need not tell you how beneficial are laundry chutes for us. The least they do is to help us move loads of heavy laundry and allow the user to clear their feet of dirty linen and clothes whilst they carry on tidying up in a timely manner. 

If you are planning to create a laundry chute for your facility, it is important to consider the best ways to design a laundry chute door so that it works properly. Essentially, laundry chute doors must have a self-closing feature and here are some tips to help you install them well. 

The position of the door is to be decided by where the chute will end below. We prefer that the laundry chutes to be installed above or as close to the laundry room as possible. Ideally, the chute should be straight up and down and it is not always possible so you will be required to offset the chute at an angle. However, it should not be more than 45°.

The size and diameter of your laundry chute

Once you are through with the kind of door you want for your laundry chute, it is now time to decide where the chute will go. Is there a room, or cupboard above the utility or washing machine area? If the door is not directly above the chute, how far is it? Is there are wooden or concrete floor? If it is wooden, how wide are the floor joists? Are these services run in the floor? 

Laundry chute door location

Choosing the door location and position is of utmost importance here. You need for first decide where the door will be positioned and how it will sit. Will you have the door horizontally or vertically on the wall? 

When you design your laundry chute door, ensure that it has enough clearance to allow the door to open. Never position the door too high that you are not even able to access it. 

Design with properly and if required, take an expert’s advice. 


Harry Smith

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