Three Major Life Lessons From the Poem ‘The Wanderer’

July 7, 2021

The poem ‘The Wanderer’ conveys the hardships the poet had to face in his life. He also asks the Lord to understand his pain and provide him compassion during his exile at sea. During his walk by the sea, the poet also realises that no matter how hard a man tries to assignment help conceal his emotions, he can never avoid his fate. The Wanderer had also used his own example to show how desperately he is yearning for the pleasures of a new mead-hall. All in all, this poem teaches us three major life lessons. Let’s take a look at each one below.

  1. Impact of one’s life experiences on their individual perspectives

In the poem, we see that The Wanderer has been through a lot of hardships in his life and even had lost his lord in the past. Yet, he is seeking social support from the Almighty. The poem shows that some events create a before and after moment in our lives. For instance, The Wanderer lived a happy life when his lord was alive. But, after his lord died, he just became a assignment help sydney  friendless person looking for the same happiness all over again.

  • Importance of a positive attitude in our life

The Wanderer begins the poem by asking the Lord for help and compassion during his difficult times. Though he explains how sad he is after the demise of his lord, the poem ends on a positive note where he bestows his trust in God’s ability. He also believes that one can gain higher levels of knowledge if she/he maintains the right attitude during hard times. The Wanderer is aware of his feelings and emotions in the past and present. But, he company law case study help also knows that he needs a positive attitude to achieve relative mental stability and security.

  • Role of support systems during crisis

This poem has conveyed the same lesson in The Wanderer’s words. He explained that individuals should be willing to move out from the effects of a bad experience and accept their life as a gift instead Dissertation Methodology Help of focusing on only the losses. The poet also insists that support systems and not substance abuse act wonder when it comes to healing or dealing with a difficult situation.

The life of the Wanderer is quite relatable to a modern-day audience. It shows how a man encountered misery as someone close to him passed away. Despite his bad experiences, Essay writer  the poet focuses on positivity and support systems.

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