27. January 2023

The Top 9 Things Freelancers Do Online to Make Money

Freelancing can be a great way to make money online, but it’s not easy. There are a lot of things that you need to do in order to succeed as a freelancer. We shall outline the top five online freelancing activities in this article suggested by one of the best freelancing platforms in India.


1) Research your market: Before you even start pitching your services, you first have to understand what kind of work is available and where it is most in demand. Use platforms like Workflexi (hire freelancers in India) to research different types of projects and get an idea of how much each one costs.


2) Build a portfolio: Once you know what type of work is available and how much it costs, it’s important to build a portfolio that showcases your skills and abilities. This means creating quality content (blog posts, samples), conducting valuable interviews, and submitting winning proposals/tasks. Get some client quotations under your belt as soon as possible and begin growing your portfolio right away! It will help you establish credibility with potential clients and show that you’re an efficient worker who knows how to get things done quickly – two key factors in earning good pay rates. 


3) Stay up-to-date with technology: As the world moves faster than ever before, so does the industry that surrounds freelance work. Keep up with new trends by reading industry newsletters, following tech bloggers on social media (#freelancetips on Twitter or LinkedIn), attending conference meetings & webinars related thereto (and use discount codes when applicable!), etc..


4) Negotiate smartly: Freelancers who are able to negotiate smartly often enjoy higher rates than those who don’t try bargaining at all or defaulting back into their lowest offer every time something comes up unexpectedly


5) Be professional and polite when contacting clients – always use proper grammar, avoid slang words or phrases, and be respectful towards them (even if they don’t hire you right away). Look presentable when speaking with them, dress nicely if necessary, and carry yourselves like professionals throughout all interactions (phone calls, emails, chats). 


6) Charge fair prices – Forget “going cheap” in order to win more business; this only leads to frustration on both sides (you may not make much money at all while putting up with frustrating clients who expect miracles from you- plus it’ll reflect poorly on your reputation). Instead aim high initially and slowly adjust downward based on feedback/results from your work


7) Connect with potential customers via social media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook.. It’s important to showcase your skills and experience in a positive light, so making connections through social media can help promote your services in the right direction. Social media has become an essential tool for both established businesses and fledgling freelancers looking to expand their reach and build an audience around their work (or products). Be sure to use all the major platforms wisely (freelancing work online)


8) Offer consulting services. If you have expertise in a certain area that others might find beneficial, offer your help as a fee-for-service provider. Start by reaching out to people who may need assistance with specific tasks or problems and see what responses you get. From there, start setting up appointments based on those requests and bill accordingly for your time spent working on the project (freelancing work online).


9) Sell eBooks and software products through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform . This option is perfect if you have written something unique that could benefit from being sold online (like an eBook about gardening tips), or if you’ve created an innovative piece of software that users might want access to (like an accounting program designed specifically for small businesses).

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