The Queen Size Bamboo Cooling Pillow (RANKOFF) Neck and Shoulder Support

June 18, 2021

What’s great about bamboo cooling pillow:

 For folks who sleep on one shoulder, this memory foam pillow for side sleepers offers just the right firmness to fill the space between your neck and head, allowing you to sleep more comfortably. Constructed with thick, shredded memory foam, the interior loft molds to the contours of your neck, minimizing morning aches and soreness. Like with my first selection, you can remove some of the filling to customize it to your height preference. This pillow has a bamboo cover that’s airy, breathable, and machine-washable, too.


The Queen Size Bamboo Cooling Pillow provides excellent Neck and Shoulder Support and also helps you stay cool all night.

What’s great bamboo cooling pillow:

 This Coop Home Goods shredded memory foam pillow provides an excellent combination of softness and neck support, helping you in your nightly fight against sleeping soreness. It has a gusseted design that’s specifically made to prevent the pillow from pinching together, thus reducing neck pain. The double-layer cover is made with breathable polyester on the inside for ventilation and a silky rayon blend on the outside for softness. Not only is the cover removable, but the entire pillow can be machine-washed, too. As a bonus, the memory foam has cooling properties which help keep you from overheating.

 What’s fans say about bamboo cooling pillow:

 “I’ve had moderate neck/shoulder/back issues for more than five years, and my neck pain in particular has become severe over the past year, thanks to bulging discs, arthritis, and bone spurs. After trying at least half a dozen pillows of varying materials and types, I tried cooling pillow amazon Coop’s Eden pillow. Without exaggerating, I can say I had my first good night’s sleep in over a year, and I awoke with virtually no pain. It’s been an incredible relief, both physically and mentally, to feel something close to normal again. Highly recommended!”

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