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April 13, 2022

Update your training with new means of communication. Where traditional learning methods are limited by health, logistical or budgetary constraints, digital communication continues to perform. Indeed, the video makes it possible to approach and exchange an infinity of subjects. This is the reason why different training videos like video tutorials and video courses are very popular among companies.

The benefits of video training

Simple to broadcast and relatively inexpensive, video is increasingly used as a training medium. It helps in the transmission of knowledge, in the same way as face-to-face training. However, it does not require a trainer or a place of training.

This digital tool thus avoids certain logistical and budgetary constraints linked to face-to-face training.

By entrusting the production of a training video to an image professional, the company increases its chances of achieving its objectives thanks to a clear and qualitative message.

Whatever its degree of complexity, the subject will be illustrated in detail to be understandable to all.

Video instruction manual

The tutorial video is an essential format for promoting explanatory and methodological content. It can be used in internal communication as well as in BtoB and BtoC.

Tutorial “How to mount a surge arrester? » by Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric, a French manufacturer of electricity management products, asked our Lyon agency to produce its video tutorial. Currently available on the brand’s social networks, the video presents the different stages of mounting and connecting a surge arrester to future buyers.

The video tutorial for the Ecole de la Banque Postale

The purpose of the Banque Postale School is to train Group employees in the best practices to adopt on the “base school” software or site. For this, training videos are made available internally. Simple and fun content at everyone’s pace.

The video courses

It is also possible to transmit knowledge and skills via video without necessarily going through a “tutorial” format. Companies can choose to make video courses available to communicate know-how or know-how specific to the company, for example, sales techniques.

Novasep presents KERASEP on video

The service provider in the field of molecular production and purification, Novasep, wanted to present its new offers in a video. The video companies near me have therefore produced several audiovisual contents showing the advantages and operation of the Group’s Kerasep systems. For the same project, two tutorial formats have been produced.

Schneider Electric trains its sales representatives

The Schneider Electric group has effectively trained its sales representatives using video media produced by a production company near me. Targeted topics such as technical training in the electrical principle of “Discrimination and Cascading” were covered in video communication for internal group use.

Video support in addition to a course

Finally, the video is also used as learning support during face-to-face training. Whether in the form of a report or fiction, presenting a video to its learners allows them to rely on a fact, a given situation known to all. The video support makes it possible to improve a discussion or a debate and to facilitate the training of the trainees in a significant way.

The INTEFP Trains its Teams Via a Mini-series

The Institute of Labour, Employment and Vocational Training, known as the INTEFP, offers training via its “Dialogue Format” center. Our video production agency has produced a series illustrating the different facets of social dialogue in companies. These episodes will serve as training and information materials to challenge learners by opening discussions during face-to-face lessons.


We can therefore note that video is capable of correctly transmitting knowledge, know-how, and even interpersonal skills. It helps with corporate communication and disseminates information clearly and explicitly. It is used in addition to a face-to-face course or as the only learning medium.

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