The best solution to fix the Norton installation error

July 7, 2021

It is not uncommon to encounter technical difficulties during the Norton installation process. We are available to assist you with any technical problems, such as Norton error 8504 104, or 100.


These are some of the reasons you might encounter this error:


1.    If you have already installed security software on your computer, you can try to install Norton.

2.    If the Norton software upgrade fails.

3.    If you try to install Norton security software, but it fails to install.


Steps to Fix Norton Installation Error 8504/Error 104


Here are some things you can do about Norton installation problems.


Method 1: Disable any Malware Protection Software on Your Computer


1.    Start by uninstalling the antivirus software from your computer.

2.    Next, Press Win+R to enter appwiz.CPL.

3.    This will list all of the installed applications on your system. Click on the Uninstall button for the Antivirus product you wish to remove from your system.

4.    After the installation is complete, reboot your computer.


Method 2: Install Norton Security Software on Your System


1.    Download the Norton antivirus software from the Norton main website.

2.    Double-click the downloaded file to open it. Install the software and accept the terms and choose advanced options.

3.    Click the Remove button, then remove and reboot your computer.


Method 3: Graphics card updations


1.    Right-click on my computer to open it. Go to Manage, Device Management, Display Adapters. You can also press Windows+R to enter devmgmt.MSC and hit enter

2.    Double-click the display adapters. Click on the HD graphics card to update your driver software.

3.    By pressing the alt+enter key combination, you can also check the status of your Graphics cards and whether or not the software has been updated.

4.    After the driver update has been completed, reboot your computer.


These are the steps to take to fix Norton installation error 8504/error 104. If none of the above steps work, you can use Norton security error 8504 tool to fix the problem.


If the error continues to persist even after you have used the AutoFix tool for a while, contact Norton customer service. You will be visited by technical experts who will provide an immediate solution for your Norton installation problems.

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