29. March 2023

Successful design ideas of a modern bedroom


Are you tired of decorating your bedroom and want to bring it up to date? You are in the right place! Indeed, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, it reflects serenity and relaxation on a daily basis. For your bedroom, a multitude of styles are available to you, respecting the minimalist and neutral aspect of the modernist trend while retaining your personal touch. Know that the Scandinavian bedroom decor is the most successful at the moment. So, are you wondering how to design a modern bedroom? We give you the best of our advice for decorating your design cocoon.

The crucial importance in the choice of furniture

To create a Zen bedroom atmosphere, the choice of furniture is essential. For an adult bedroom, the trend is towards an open master bedroom. The latter consists of a sleeping area, a bathroom and a dressing room. If you have a small bedroom, don’t worry! It is still possible to create a contemporary decorative bedroom. The essential rests on your large double bed. Choose it in King Size or in a rounded shape with a suitable bed base for a touch of originality. Be careful, this design bed must above all be comfortable and cozy in order to spend regenerating and soothing nights of rest.

Also, the headboards play a fairly important role in the layout of your master suite. As functional as they are decorative, several models are possible: a low patterned or XXL version with storage, including a quilted effect for more comfort, everything is possible! Alternatively, place it against your bedroom’s colorful wall and the headboard will be simple, yet effective. If your room has a large area, we recommend that you create a suite with storage space including hanging space and shelves such as a dressing room or with a wardrobe or chest of drawers. It can be separated from the sleeping area by a canopy, a partition, sliding doors or simply by curtains.

The cupboards and the piece of water being in the room, your room will find a considerable gain of space there. In addition, if your dressing room allows it, it is quite possible to add a dressing table to obtain additional storage. You are probably wondering what the relationship is between storage and the modern spirit and we will explain it to you! To achieve this vibe, the bedroom should be uncluttered and decluttered as much as possible. By adding cupboards, your personal belongings will always find room to be stored there. To complete the bedroom layout, place two bedside tables for a symmetrical effect. If your budget is a little tighter, that’s no problem. Revamping your old furniture with paint will be more than enough to renew your decoration.

Color… but not too much

For modern colors, two versions are possible: the use of black, grey, white or midnight blue for dark shades or the use of neutral colors such as beige or pastel colors for a romantic atmosphere. In the trendy colors, you will find duck blue, mustard yellow, terracotta or even bottle green that we see as much in the choice of paint as in the color of the furniture. Get examples now! If the room is for a teenager and you want walls painted in bright colors, don’t panic! It is quite possible to do so, but reasonably.

Paint a section of the wall with one color and the rest in sober tones, for example, or paint your room in light tones and bet on colored decorative accessories. Be careful, however, to stay in colors and styles of decoration close enough to keep a harmonious whole even if it is important to play with contrasts. Thus, dark colored furniture will go perfectly with soft wall decoration and vice versa.

The low intensity brightness of contemporary rooms


The lighting of all your rooms is relatively important since your decoration depends on it. This is because paint colors or the shape of an object will not look the same depending on the direction and intensity of the light. There are two types of lighting: natural light and artificial light. To take advantage of the sun and the light it produces, do not use a heavy velvet curtain for example, but rather a light sheer that will hide you from the outside view, but which will let the sun’s rays pass through to warm the interior. atmosphere.

For the lights and their artificial light, we recommend the use of large trendy neon lights, classic or descending suspensions towards your bedside table or even spotlights. However, the bulbs have different intensities from each other, do not hesitate to inquire about this! There are bulbs with adjustable intensity and color which can be useful for the different phases of the day. 

Two opposites: coldness and softness

Two currents oppose on the choice of materials as for the choice of colors. Some think that it is better to use cold materials such as metal or glass and others welcoming materials for a warm atmosphere such as raw wood or bamboo. For the current of cold materials, we can also find concrete. You can opt for polished concrete from floor to ceiling for a feeling of unity, it will standardize your room in a snap. For a cocooning room, linen will be ideal for your bed linen, for example.

This textile perfectly perfects and completes the bedding for a zen sleeping experience! We advise you to mix the two ways of thinking to obtain a spirit of contemporary variety. Otherwise, it is possible to remain classic by using wallpaper with geometric or panoramic patterns, painting on a section of the wall to delimit an office area or to create a headboard. Finally, the materials must be soft to bring a cozy touch to your interior, such as the rug and bed linen, for example. 

The final touch!

Now that the materials, colors and furniture have been chosen, it’s time for the final decoration. First of all, we recommend that you declutter your room and sort out your personal belongings as well as your decorative objects, because in the contemporary spirit, the space must be cleared to enlarge it. Suspended wall mirrors, frames or XXL paintings for art fans, plants or fresh flowers in a beautiful vase with a contemporary shape for a touch of nature or even 3-dimensional decorations, this is what characterizes the decoration of a modern bedroom. For a touch of warmth, opt for a large shag or wool rugand head for throws, pillows and a puffy duvet for cloud-worthy comfort!

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