Study shows Albuquerque drivers are highly reliant on GPS

April 20, 2022

A study by North Star Inbound has found that drivers in New Mexico are increasingly turning to technology to find their way, using GPS for directions. 

Citing the study, KOB 4 reported that 93% of Americans rely heavily on their GPS when they drive, with about 20% indicating that they rely on the technology daily. 

“We also found that 11%, so just a little bit over one-in-10, of Albuquerque drivers said that they’re extremely likely to get lost without their GPS,” said Matt Zajechowski, director of Media Relations for North Star Inbound, told the station. 

Zahechowski also noted that a quarter of drivers in the Albuquerque metropolitan area cannot go for more than a week without turning to their GPS for directins, KOB 4 reported.

In addition to directions, the KOB 4 report noted that that drivers also use their GPS to get traffic updates and find a faster route when backups occur. Moreover, the KOB 4 report noted that the American Automobile Association (AAA) urges drivers to be save and avoid distractions while taking advantage of GPS technology while driving. 

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