Speed Up Insurance Verification by Outsourcing HME/DME Billing

November 18, 2021

Claim denials are an unfortunate reality for HMEs and DMEs, yet studies show that up to 90% of claim denials can be avoided. HME/DME billing errors may occur if proper care is not taken, resulting in payment delays, claim delinquency, and eventually patient disappointment. Verifying a patient’s eligibility and getting insurance coverage authorization quickly and accurately, can prevent claim denials. This potentially protects individuals from unexpected medical expenditures.

HME/DME billing outsourcing is an effective way to speed up the insurance verification process, enhance acceptance, and reduce claim denials. Following are some of the most significant advantages of outsourcing HME/DME billing to improve the insurance verification process:



Minimizes Errors

As a developing DME/HME, you can’t afford to lose time due to insurance verification errors and inaccuracies, which result in delays, unjustified rejections, additional burden, and excessive prices. You get the best techniques and the newest technology for automation when you hire a team of certified specialists to handle your DME/HME billing.

This enables better administration of manual operations that are prone to errors, as well as compliance monitoring before submission to insurance providers. The increased number of clean claims and faster turnaround speed up payments, resulting in fewer pending or rejected claims.


Reduces Delays and Boosts Cash Flow

Outsourcing to a DME/HME billing business guarantees that you have a strong insurance verification procedure overseen by experts who are dedicated to processing clean claims, which speeds up the entire DME/HME billing process dramatically. Medical billers who are well-trained and experienced bring speed and accuracy to the table, reducing DME/HME billing errors, expediting claim processing, and speeding up the overall process. While keeping a consistent cash flow, this strategy facilitates expedited payments and reduces AR follow-up. 


Streamlining Your Business Procedures

The insurance verification process can be time-consuming and difficult for your administrative team if done in-house. When you outsource medical billing, you can put in place mechanisms that allow you to capture real-time, accurate patient verification, which simplifies and streamlines DME/HME billing and collection.

DME/HME billing delays, medical billing errors, and duplicate medical records can add up to a lot of money. Your in-house employees can focus on what matters most – providing value-based patient care – by outsourcing the insurance verification process.


Assistance in identifying and resolving coverage issues

Insurance companies revise or re-negotiate coverage plans regularly, changing or updating existing healthcare policies. Automation is used by an outsourcing partner to verify coverage at every stage of the DME/HME billing process, from scheduling and registration through submission and discharge, keeping you informed of any changes in coverage. This removes the need for your staff to keep track of eligibility changes manually.


Improving Customer Satisfaction

DME/HME billing can be a time-consuming chore for in-house staff, especially when offering value-based treatment to patients. Outsourcing the insurance verification process and medical billing improves record accuracy, transparency, and prompt customer service, all of which contribute to increased patient satisfaction.


Why is Sunknowledge regarded as the best HME/DME billing outsourcing option?

We are honored to be recognized as a force to be reckoned with in the DME billing administration. It’s mostly due to our experience with adaptability at all phases of the programming process. Our experienced personnel will enthusiastically demonstrate how we convey actual value. We’ve been a forerunner in providing high-quality medical billing to some of the country’s biggest names for more than a decade. Reach out to us right away if you’re looking for an esteemed partner who can help you create a strong revenue cycle management process.

Our professionalism has been lauded by the industry’s top executives, notably our ability to act like a complete RCM solution. Talk to our specialists about how we can provide suitable HME/DME billing assistance at the lowest possible cost and with high consistency, even during these testing times.

Sunknowledge focuses on reducing the number of days in Account receivables by implementing effective and efficient coordination among offices and payers. We also check that critical data is appropriately captured at each stage of the engagement. Our professionals ensure submission of clean and perfect HME/DME claims. We also provide substantial customized details, ensuring complete transparency in the DME/HME claim filing and payment collection procedures.

Sunknowledge is someone who can permanently erase all of your RCM demands. We serve all healthcare providers including:

·         Hospitals

·         Skilled nursing institutions

·         DME

·         HME

·         O&P

·         Radiology centers

·         Dermatology clinics

·         Physician offices

We have top-notch references and certifications. Sunknwledge Services Inc is an RCM Service provider that offers a productive and effective work method for better charging chores for just $7 per hour or 1.99% of collections. We further smooth out dissents in the executives systems, reducing your risks of blunders throughout the DME billing and coding measure, by keeping a consistent check and maintaining 99.9% correctness.

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