24. March 2023

Some fun facts about Indian food –

India is commonly known as the Land of Spices. It is the sole country known to produce as much variety of spices for the whole world.

Did you know that what are known to be Staple ingredients of Indian cuisine like potato, tomato and chilli are originally not from the country? They were actually brought by the Portuguese.

Not only these staples, but the Portuguese also got refined sugar to India. Initially, fruits and honey were the sweeteners for Indians.

Here is another exciting surprise! The very well-known and favourite Indian Chicken Tikka Masala is not an Indian-origin dish. It was invented in Glasgow, Scotland.

The very first Indian restaurant was opened in the mid-1960s in the United States. Today, there are nearly 80,000 Indian food outlets in the nation.

Not much is known about the food of the earliest Indian civilization, Indus Valley Civilization today. The reason can be attributed to the language barrier.

If you go as per the Indian Food Theory, their food has 6 different flavours: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy.

What they call a perfect Indian meal is a perfect blend of all 6 flavours. The next time you eat at the Best Indian Restaurant in Kelowna, you know how to judge the flavours of your meal.

Who does not like tangy and flavourful sauces? Indian food is incomplete without delicious chutneys. But do you know the Foreigners loved the chutneys more than the locals?

Mithais are an important part of Indian food. Gulab Jamun, one of the favourite sweet dishes of India, is a must-serve festival and other auspicious events. According to Indian tradition, a wedding is not over until it has been served to the guests.

Pepper is the king of spices as it goes well with almost every salty dish. Mix it with salt and it becomes the most-loved combination for salads and curd. For Indians, their food is bland without pepper.

Heard about dum biryani? Do you about the origin of this cooking style? Here is the story:

The Nawab of Awadh ordered a meal for all the poor in huge handis, covered with a lid which is to be sealed with dough made of flour. This helped in cooking with minimum resources, but no one knew that it will help invent a new cooking style popularly known as “Dum” today.

For ages, Indian food is divided into different systems:

Saatvic (fresh veggies and fruits), Raajsic (oily and spicy) and Taamsic (Non-veg and alcohol).

We are sure you are fascinated to try Indian food. If you dine in, you can also order from an Indian Take Out in Kelowna.


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