Some Facts, History & Recipe Of The Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

October 7, 2021

History: Strawberries are connected to ancient Rome where it considered the symbol of Venus- goddess of love. Due to the bright red color and amazing taste of this fruit, this fruit was considered a symbol of love. Later on, the berry was considered as the symbol of fertility. Strawberry looks so beautiful that this fruit is carved on the church altars and cathedral pillars during medieval times. These were carved on the pillars to show perfection. It was believed that when two people will split the strawberry, they will fall in love with each other.  

After chocolate, Strawberries are considered aphrodisiacs. Originally, the chocolate-covered strawberries were paired because these two are the world-famous aphrodisiacs. Therefore, chocolate-dipped strawberries are widely used for gifting purposes during Valentine’s Day.  

Chocolate and strawberry are a classic combination and it is widely popular. Also, this food has grabbed the top position in the romantic food list. Therefore, this food is usually associated with Valentine’s Day, wedding receptions, and candlelit dinners. The chocolate covered strawberry Bouquet is also used for gifting purposes during a romantic date. Want to prepare this delicious bouquet at home? Read the recipe given below:

Picking Right Chocolate For Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

You can use the slab of chocolate cut or chocolate chips. While baking unsweetened chocolate, you need to add a little amount of sugar. Usually, you need to add one tablespoon per ounce. We recommend you choose perfect quality milk.

Picking Right Strawberries For The Bouquet

While creating the chocolate-dipped strawberry bouquet, you should make sure that the strawberries you have selected are delicious. If you want to surprise your beloved on valentine’s day, birthdays, and anniversaries, then you should choose the right type of strawberries. Strawberry is a seasonal fruit, but you can easily find it in supermarkets in all seasons. To make the chocolate-dipped strawberry bouquet, you should choose room-temperature strawberries. Usually, the medium size strawberries taste delicious. Thus, you should collect the medium size strawberries for your bouquet. It is very easy to make chocolate dripped strawberry bouquet and it will make your loved one WOW’ed! Well, you can also purchase these types of a bouquet from local and e-store. The strawberry bouquet price falls inside the budget and anyone can afford it. The total time required for the preparation of this bouquet is approximately half an hour.


Package of strawberries 16 oz.

Chocolate Melting Wafers 4 oz.


An electric chocolate melting pot

Kebab skewers

Rubber band

Craft wrapping paper


Paper towels


This handmade chocolate wrapper strawberries bouquet will bring a big smile to the face of your loved ones. If you want to purchase a readymade chocolate strawberry bouquet, then check the area for a chocolate covered strawberry Bouquet delivery. 

Note: In case, you do not have a chocolate melting pot, then you do not need to worry. You can take top pots- one for the bottom and the second heat resistant pot which can fit over the first one.


First of all, rinse strawberries properly before using them. Take a paper towel and pat the strawberries. It will help in removing the excess water.

Leave your strawberries for drying and melt the chocolate.

Take out the electric melting pot and plug it into an outlet. Pour the chocolate wafer into the pot. Make sure you stir it occasionally so that melted chocolate does not stick to the base. If you do not have a chocolate melting pot, then you can also take a double boiler for melting the chocolate. In the double boiler, you should fill the top with the chocolate wafers and the bottom pot with water. Place the double potboiler on the low set flame and stir the chocolate occasionally. Note: Never boil in lower pot beforehand.

When your chocolate is melting, then it is time to take out the green stem from the strawberries.

Now, take a skewer and insert it inside the strawberries from the bottom, where you have removed the green section. Now, these will look like strawberry kebabs. Place these kebabs on a plate and keep doing it until you skew all the strawberries.

Here comes the fun part when you will create the chocolate-dipped strawberries. Pick strawberries kebabs and dip them into melted chocolate. Keep them aside on a plate and leave them to dry.

If you want to create the swizzle design, then you can use a spoon for wrapping chocolate on the strawberries. Dip the spoon inside the melted chocolate and create lines across the strawberries.

It is time to create a strawberry skewers bouquet. Properly arrange the skewers in the bouquet and secure them by using the rubber. This rubber will hold all the skewers together.

Finally, take a brown craft paper for wrapping. Cut this paper into a square shape. Now, place various strawberries on this paper and wrap them like the chocolate-wrapped strawberries. Tie the bouquet with the help of a beautiful piece of ribbon.


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