Shahid Afridi responds to no-confidence motion against PM Imran Khan – Geo News

April 20, 2022

Thursday Mar 31, 2022
With Prime Minister Imran Khan’s seemingly on the out, former captain Shahid Afridi appealed that at least one elected government’s tenure must be completed.
“It has been 74 years since Pakistan’s independence. For God’s sake let at least one elected government complete its constitutional term,” tweeted Afridi.
Afridi, voicing support for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government, opined that 74 years of “wrongdoing” will take time to rectify.

The sports star’s statement comes as the National Assembly is all set to vote on the no-confidence against PM Imran Khan on Sunday. The premier has vowed to play “till the last ball”.
But PM Imran Khan has lost the majority in the lower house after government allies — MQM-P, BAP, independent candidate from Balochistan Aslam Bhootani — switched sides and announced that they will vote in favour of the no-confidence motion.


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