Safest countries to study abroad 2021

June 16, 2021
Which countries are the safest country to study in abroad? This is one of the primary questions of the students and their guardians. The safety of the students going abroad for studies is the utmost concern of the parents and family members. A country can be determined safe based on certain aspects. You can learn the factors by asking the best study abroad consults in Delhi.

The main factors being-

·   Welfare of the people

·   Norms and culture of the residents there.

·   Temperament of the region

·   Policies favorable for the international students

·   Rank on the global peace index

Five Safest Countries For The International Students


The Netherlands

Consistently ranking high on every prospect, the Netherlands is considered one of the safest countries to study abroad.

The country has a friendly environment and is a peaceful education destination.

Its universities are famous for their program in arts, business, finance management, and engineering. This country has a very low crime rate, low racial discrimination, and high gender equality. Also, it is in sixth place on the Quality of life index and 21st place on the Global Peace Index.


This country attracts students from different countries as it is home to some of the best educational institutions. It holds the sixth position on the Global Peace Index. During the Coronavirus pandemic, the government of Canada did every possible thing to ensure the safety of the citizens, immigrants, and students. Moreover, over 26% of the total population in Canada received the vaccination. The percentage is higher than most of the countries in the world. However, the government of the country has implemented several laws against prejudices based on race. You can get assurance regarding the standards from the best overseas education consultants in Delhi for UK and other nations. 


The natural relief, favorable climate, and safe environment make Switzerland one of the most suitable countries to study abroad. Education institutions like the University of Geneva, Zurich ETH, and EPFL are famous among international students. Cities in Switzerland like Geneva, Zurich, and many others rank as high as the fifth position on the ‘ Quality of Life ‘ index. Furthermore, Switzerland ranks 10th on the global peace index.


Singapore is home to the top institutions in the world. Out of them, the names worth mentioning are the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technical University. It also ranks 10th in Asia on the ‘ Quality of life ‘ index of 2021.

Australia and New Zealand –

They have been mentioned together due to their commonalities when it comes to international student policies. Both these countries have some of the most renowned universities offering education to international students. New Zealand ranks 6th position in the global peace index while Australia ranks 13th place. Additionally, These regions have excellent natural habitats. Moreover, these places have recorded 30 covid cases in a week, which is significantly less as compared to the covid instances in India.

Do you wish to get information about the schemes for abroad studies scholarship in the universities of the countries listed above? If yes, then contact the best overseas education consultant in Delhi now! Furthermore, the courses and the concerning fees are also available from these experts. Comparing the rates helps you a lot to make the best decision of your life. Change the future with just a click today. Studying in the countries listed above have their pros and cons. However, it is the student who has to choose which country is suitable for them. Therefore, go through all the instructions very well before applying.

Get A Proper Guide

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