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SA 8000 Certification Cost and Requirement for organisations in Netherlands

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Explain SA 8000

SA 8000 Certification is. The non-profit organisation SAI (Social Accountability International) established SA 8000 in the late 1990s to provide a framework for voluntary certification of a company’s commitment to social responsibility. The laws address various social issues, including child labour, forced labour, health and safety, freedom of association, discrimination, punishment, working hours, and remuneration. Rather, ISO 9001 is used as a filter to view the company’s management structure. The global standard is easily implemented into existing administrative frameworks.

The Dutch SA 8000 Certification Program’s Primary Objective

The SA 8000 Certification and Verification System in the Netherlands is an effective, comprehensive, and trustworthy tool for ensuring humane workplaces, as it consists of the following:

One that considers all of the norms for decent work conditions established internationally.

A management system is required at the manufacturing level to ensure continuous compliance and improvement.

Certificates of compliance with regulations are issued by auditing firms certified by factocert.

Accreditation ensures that auditors have the knowledge and methods necessary to perform objective reviews. Presently, nine organisations are authorised to give SA 8000 certifications.

Employees, trade unions, enterprises, socially responsible investors, nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), and the public sector are all examples of stakeholders that should be actively involved in a SA 8000 system. Engagement in the Advisory Board, the creation and maintenance of the standard and auditing system, conferences, training, and the usage of the complaints system all require such membership and participation.

With the help of the SA 8000 Certification in Netherlands and the Corporate Involvement Program, consumers and financiers can identify and support companies that have made a public commitment to implementing SA 8000 Standard Elements for Human Rights in the Workplace.

The Benefits of SA 8000 Certification

Every department in a Dutch firm that adopts SA 8000 certification thrives.

  • Improved relationships between staff, customers, and other stakeholders.

  • Locating potential risks and hazards.

  • Raise the company’s profile in the business world.

  • Opportunities to do business with the government are prioritised.

  • Workplaces that prioritise the health and safety of their employees.

  • Workplace decision-making has become more efficient.

  • The public’s knowledge of their rights and freedoms increases as education levels rise.

  • Keep the quality at an excellent standard.

  • Complete conformity to established ethical standards both domestically and globally.

  • Advancing the company’s aims.

  • Get out of the way; there’s a new business in town.

Appropriate Standards for SA 8000 Certification

To begin using SA 8000, a business must finish the following steps.

  • The employment of child labour is prohibited here.

  • Make a plan to assist young people in risky working conditions and document it.

  • Prohibiting prejudice, including those based on gender, sexual orientation, and faith.

  • Make notes and organise them neatly.

Show that you’ve shared the news of your SA 8000 Certification with your team and any other relevant parties.

Methods of boosting employee morale through the modification of the worksite

  • The daily maximum should be capped at 10 hours, including travel time.

  • Create a risk-free setting for people to interact in.

  • Develop and maintain a constantly improving system and follow all relevant regulations.

  • Implement a regular internal auditing system.

How does one go about undergoing the SA 8000 Certification Audit?

There are three stages in factocert’s evaluation of an organisation’s compliance with the SA 8000 Certification in Netherlands standard.

  • Checking for readiness.

  • Accreditation Examination.

  • Certificates’ Sustainment Audits Carried Out During Their Validity Period.

To what end should a business in the Netherlands pursue SA 8000 certification?

If you want to earn the SA 8000 certification, demonstrating a company’s commitment to social responsibility, you’ll need to do more than donate to charity. To achieve and maintain SA 8000 certification, a company must demonstrate and improve its social accountability in all areas of its business and the respect it shows for human rights. Governments have also instituted award schemes tailored specifically to SA 8000-certified enterprises to encourage and recognise a high standard of social responsibility and performance in the Workplace. Additionally, SA 8000 proves that your business cares about environmental, health, and safety issues in the Workplace.

Recertification with SA 8000 in the Netherlands and the Associated Fees


Even though the SA 8000 audit must be performed following established guidelines, the final price tag can vary widely based on factors like the intricacy of your organisation. This means that every transaction must be fair to all parties involved.

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