25. March 2023

Reasons for Mobile apps failure

Mobile apps are not expensive to build, but more effort, time and money are put into the process by the organization which is painful for them to face the difficulty when the app fails. Any business cannot afford the mobile app failure. Every day new apps are added to the app store which increases the more competition, in turn, it leads to increased chances of failure.

This article mentions some of the important reasons for mobile app failure & the common mistakes behind it

Failure to solve real-world issues

Most of the mobile apps fail due to a lack of originality. A unique value proposition is to be considered for user loyalty and success in business. To win the competitor apps features and functionalities should be unique from the competitor’s apps. Before developing a product or a service, doing market research is the primary one to find the target audience and their behaviors.

Without doing the research, assuming the audience, strategizing use cases & features will be of great risk of building any mobile apps. Be clear about the app’s core purpose to make logical decisions.

Poor platform selection & UI/UX

Lack of functionalities or too selective in features will lead to mobile app failure which makes your app inadequate. Excessive features affect the user experience which might confuse end users it pushes them to be more specific that fills their needs.

Choice of the platform also plays a vital role while developing a mobile app. Android and IOS both have different features of interface & discoverability. Your app should meet the UI/UX requirements of user experience which should be interactive and appealing to the end-user.

Bad testing/User experience

Improper testing can cause a crash of the mobile app. App with negative reviews in the app store related to app crash. Quality, functionality, and performance of the mobile app play a major role in the success of mobile apps. Poor user experience includes

  • Long loading times
  • Lagging or slow in performance
  • Features difficult to access (Complex)

Failure to update the app based on the user’s review

Your app is for the end-user. Not recognizing their feedback or not responding to their reviews can translate your mobile app to failure. You should pay attention to the user’s issues they are facing while using your app.

Based on the user’s feedback organization should find the solutions and fix these issues for them.

Final thoughts

Hope this article will be an eye-opener for an organization that is facing the failure of the mobile app. Give more importance to planning, be more cautious about the strategies to deploy the app, target audience, and provide a rich user experience. Looking for best companies for developing your mobile apps? The banyan infotech is the top mobile app development company in coimbatore which builts dynamic mobile applications with rich features.Visit their website for more details.




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