Proof That KETAMINE THERAPY Is Exactly What You Are Looking For

April 18, 2022

Ventilation in the culture room terrain should be done ketamine therapy unevenly and the face of the culture shouldn’t be given too important air and ventilation should be invariant in all corridor of the room.

If the temperature of the culture bed reaches lower than 14 degrees and the room ambient temperature reaches about7.5 degrees, the area around the bed should be covered with a thick cloth to help heat exchange to the terrain. For the growth rate of the fungus, the ambient temperature can be increased to14.5 degrees and the ventilation rate can be increased, but care must be taken that the direction of air movement isn’t towards the face of the fungus
How to grow button mushrooms

All fungi grow in two stages 1) vegetative stage or spin ham 2) reproductive stage or lading stage In this section we will talk about button fungus spin ham stage 1) period length this stage lasts 20 days Kills. 2) Temperature should be set to 25 degrees Celsius. Moisture about 75 fixed. System of medication of mushroom compost. Be. Phase I There are different formulas for preparing compost, which are determined according to the accoutrements in each terrain, but the following formula can be used in any range with a many changes) Wheat straw 6000 kg (main terrain) 2) Flesh ordure 3500 kg ( supplements) 3) Molasses 100 kg ( food concentrate) 4) Urea 100 kg (chemicals) 5) Doused gypsum 400 kg (minerals) System of medication of button mushroom seeds 1) System of medication of strain The asked strain can be bought pure or set from the stylish fungi grown in the terrain by first preparing the vessel medium similar as dextrose agar according to the instructions on the can, also pouring 20 cc of it into a plate. Put it in an autoclave for 15 twinkles at a temperature of 121 degrees Celsius and a pressure of1.5 pounds per forecourt inch. Place in the incubator at 25 ° C for 14 days, in which case the entire plate is filled with mycelium. 2) Seed medication

Styles of cultivating oyster mushrooms Civilization in bags One of the most common styles of mushroom civilization in utmost corridor of the world. Some of its benefits are as follows.

1-It has lower threat than other civilization styles.
2-Easy control of pests and conditions
3- Possibility of civilization throughout the time
4-Rapid return on investment
5-Low original investment
6- Possibility of civilization at home

Work system First, choose your bed

Hash the straw (uncut straw can also be planted). You must boil the straw to disinfect it. To do this, it’s better to put the straws in plastic bags and soak them in boiling water for 45 twinkles (45 twinkles from the time the water boils). Take the straw to a clean place and stay 24 hours for the water to drain out.

The optimum moisture is similar that when you squeeze a sprinkle of straw in your hand, a many drops of water drip from it. Before pouring the straw ( coverlet) in the plastic (cucumber plastics), it’s better to make a many holes in the plastic.
Pour the disinfected straw into plastic bags up to a height of about 20-30 cm and squeeze well by hand, also sprinkle a subcaste of seeds on it and do this until the plastic is fully filled. To soak the straw, it’s better to make a hole in the middle of the bag and eventually close the plastic lid. The quantum of seeds in each bag depends on the quantum of straw and the size of the bag is about 200-500 grams. Moisture, temperature, light and other conditions are veritably important in growth ages.

Take the set bags to a clean and polluted place with a temperature of 20-30 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the first week is veritably important.

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