28. January 2023

Pillow Protectors That Extend Their Useful Life?

Pillow protectors are bedding accessories that extend the life of your pillow. Not only do they protect your investment, these items also make your sleep more comfortable and enjoyable, and prevent sweat from penetrating the product.

And all without losing sight of the fact that these are very handy pillow protectors, easy to put on and take off and store in any closet or drawer.

Find Your Ideal Pillow Protector Here

For our part, we have different types of protective inserts for pillows, such as: B. those made of 100% cotton fabric. A very soft, fresh and durable natural fiber that is suitable for all types of people, including people who are sensitive to synthetic fabrics or have allergic skin problems.

Another very innovative protective cover for pillows consists of a thin layer of polyurethane and an outer fabric of 100% breathable and waterproof cotton. Some covers are also suitable for people with skin allergies. Available with zip.

What should be considered when buying pillow protectors?

The first consideration to take into account is size. Although many do not believe it, it is not the first time that someone has bought a pillowcase that does not match their model. If it’s smaller, you can’t walk on it or it tears in a short time, and if it’s larger, it forms creases that bother you.

Consider the materials used, because your comfort depends on them. Softness, layers, lightness and much more.

A pillow protector with beneficial properties. Dust mite protection, hypoallergenic, with good breathability, waterproofing…

Full or split cushion protection.

Models that neither emit heat nor make noise.

The Best Cushions For Our Protectors?

In this sense, the ideal pads for our best pillow protectors are those made of latex or viscoelastic, which are not washable.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that our covers aren’t washable. Its disinfection is possible in a machine up to 95º.

On the other hand, they are made for 70, 75, 90, 105, 135 and 150 cm pillows.

We also do not want to overlook the fact that our offers have an OEKO-TEX® certificate from the AITEX technological laboratory, which guarantees that this product is free from substances harmful to health or skin.

Do not wait any longer and protect your home textiles with the best qualities that our shop offers you!

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