Pakistani PM Imran Khan sidesteps no-confidence vote – DW (English)

May 20, 2022

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Pakistan is in crisis after Prime Minister Imran Khan sidestepped a no-confidence vote in Parliament that he was set to lose. Khan asked the presidency to dissolve the assembly, and the deputy speaker, a member of his own party, stopped the vote.

Pakistan’s lawmakers have voted to remove Prime Minister Imran Khan from office in a vote of no confidence. The nuclear-armed Islamic nation has been in political turmoil for weeks.
The top court’s decision to restore Parliament has put Prime Minister Imran Khan in a precarious position. He could also face legal challenges for “violating the constitution” should he lose power.
Prime Minister Imran Khan had attempted to sidestep a no-confidence vote by dissolving Parliament. Pakistan’s top court has ordered the legislative body reconvene, putting Khan’s position into serious doubt.
The Pakistani leader continues to assert that the US is behind an attempt to remove him. Meanwhile, a Pakistani general said his country should expand ties with Washington.
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