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January 27, 2022

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The omicron variant might not disappear as quickly as other COVID-19 variants

The omicron variant of the novel coronavirus can survive longer on skin and plastic compared to previous COVID-19 variants, Reuters reports.
What’s happening: Scientists in Japan recently conducted a study that found the omicron variant might have high “environmental stability” that helped it remain infectious beyond just people breathing on each other, per Reuters.
Why it matters: The ability to survive for a long time on different surfaces may have helped omicron outpace the delta variant to become the dominant COVID-19 variant, according to Euro News.
By the numbers: The omicron variant can last for 193.5 hours on plastic surfaces.
What they’re saying: “This study showed that the omicron variant also has the highest environmental stability among VOCs (variants of concern), which suggests that this high stability might also be one of the factors that have allowed the omicron variant to replace the delta variant and spread rapidly,” the authors wrote, per Euro News.
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