Omicron peak week in Mumbai! How fast the virus is spreading? Covid task force official explains – Mint

January 14, 2022
  • Though the daily tally for the virus remained below 20,000 for the last 5 days, as of Wednesday, the positivity rate stood at 27%.

As was expected the third wave of COVID-19, led by the Omicron variant, has peaked in Mumbai. Explaining the current situation in the financial capital, COVID task force official Shashank Joshi said that most patients are in home isolation and recovering under medical advice, while the state government is focusing on the vulnerable population and those who are hospitalized. He also urged all to ‘Mask up and Vaccinate’.
Though the daily tally for the virus remained below 20,000 for the last 5 days, the total cases in the maximum city are inching toward the one million mark.
More than 16,000 people tested positive for Covid-19 in Mumbai on Wednesday, while on Thursday around 13,000 cases were logged.
Omicron Mumbai Peak Week
Anticipated 14K cases today ,Focussed on Vulnerables ,Hospitalized and to save every life.Most are home isolated and recovering under medical advice. Mask and Vaccinate.Symptomatic treatment is the key.Dont miss the occasional Delta .Stay Safe 🙏
Covid not declining! Numbers less may be due to low testing: Rajesh Tope
On Thursday, state health minister Rajesh Tope pointed out the COVID-19 cases are not exactly declining in Maharashtra. “In the past two-three days, the reporting of COVID-19 cases might have come down. It may be because of the low testing. On Wednesday, the state has reported around 46,000 new COVID-19 cases”
So, there is no indication of flattening of the curve in Maharashtra, he added. 
Noting that there is no need to panic right now, he said, “Though there is a rise in cases, the rate of hospitalisation stands at 2.8 per cent. Out of the 2.25 lakh cases, around 2 lakh people are under home isolation, which accounts to 86 per cent of the total cases, while 2.8 per cent cases are admitted to hospitals showing serious symptoms who are in ICU or in need of oxygen cylinders or ventilators.”
Yesterday, Centre notified Maharashtra, West Bengal, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Gujarat as states of concern due to the rise in Covid cases. 
On Thursday, Maharashtra recorded the maximum number of 1,367 cases of the Omicron variant followed by Rajasthan at 792, Delhi 549, Kerala 486 and Karnataka 479.
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