Number One Hack to Minimize and Prevent Back and Plantar Fasciitis Pain

April 27, 2022

Pain comes in many forms and can affect various parts of the human body. Pain can be good or bad. Good pain comes from exercise and trying to keep fit. As the saying goes “no pain no gain.” Bad pain comes from an injured part of the body. Pain is usually a sign that something is not right. It can be severe or mild but all in all, it is unwanted and unpleasant.

Back pain, for instance, is a common global problem. 7.5-8% of the population of the world is affected by back pain. This accounts for around 577 million people. Research says that 80% of the population of the world will experience back pain at some point in their lives. In America alone, half of the working population admit to experiencing back pain symptoms yearly. You, yes you, reading this post probably is one of them. Back pains have also been the leading cause of disability. The working class is greatly affected by this compared to any other group. Approximately 70% of years that were lost due to disability were in the working-class group, 20-65 years of age. As we age, the back pain increases. The elderly are also greatly affected by this. 

Back pain is a major issue that requires attention and urgency. For instance, the back is a complex structure comprised of bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles. Each one of the 4 areas can be injured leading to back pain. It is also worthwhile to note that even the simplest of actions can cause back pain. It all depends on how you do it. For example, how you position yourself when sitting on a chair. Accidents and major injuries are not the only cause of back pain.

Back pain therapy has gotten expensive over the years. It is a recurring expenditure that not many people can afford. Many have tried massaging as a way to cure the pain with little to no result. Massage guns have been bought in spades hoping to assist in the matter to no avail.

Here is where our “hack” mentioned earlier comes into play.  Stretching and strengthening is the key to curing back pains. Having a specifically designed program to stretch and strengthen your back muscles and joints can be the difference between the life you are longing for, free from back pain or disability caused by the back pain. Stretching helps to increase the range of motion of the muscles and joints so that when you make an abrupt movement or strain your muscles, they don’t snap causing back pain. This strengthens your muscles thereby eliminating the chance of any sort of back pain. Well stretched back muscles minimize the chance of injury while less flexible back muscles are susceptible to pain-causing injury.

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Have you ever woken up in the morning, started walking, and felt as if you were walking on shattered pieces of glass scattered on the floor of your bedroom? Perhaps you did realize what you were feeling and just continued with your daily activities. It is a stabbing pain that comes from the bottom of your foot specifically near the heel. But you continue to feel the pain on a daily basis and resort to buying ointment to apply to your heel to alleviate the pain, only to find out the pain you are experiencing every morning upon awakening is actually plantar fasciitis. The affected ligament is called the plantar fascia and it connects the heel to the toes. Putting too much stress on this ligament causes inflammation and tears that cause the pain. Plantar fasciitis mainly affects people that constantly put pressure on the foot. Runners, aerobics actors, and expectant women are most likely to develop this pain.

In America alone, 50% of heel pain is caused by plantar fasciitis. The number one hack again is to periodically stretch and strengthen the ligament. This ensures that it doesn’t tear when put under intense pressure. Complete plantar fasciitis pain relief can only be achieved through stretching.

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