NASA: 2021 continues Global Warming trend –

January 14, 2022
EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — 2021 was a year of extremes around the world, from the first-ever rainfall on the Greenland icecap to a historic late-season wildfire outside Denver and a devastating tornado outbreak in the midwest.
NASA and NOAA released their latest Global Temperature Update for 2021.
NASA expert Michelle Thaller joins Eyewitness News live this morning to talk about the Global Temperature Data for 2021 and where we rank for the hottest years on record.
Thaller says that 2021 ranks the 6th hottest year on record. She also explained that the last 8 years leading up to 2021 were also the hottest years on record and that the trend is continuing up.
Thaller also took some time to explain what we see as global warming heats up. Scientists do believe that the warming trend will continue and that when it does will see more severe weather.
Both NASA and NOAA have satellites that can tell the temperature of the either and the oceans as well as senors all over to keep up to date. These allow data points to flow in and allow the scientists to see long-term trends.
For information on 2021’s heat trend and more information visit NASA’s website.
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