25. March 2023

Mobile app development trends in 2022

Mobile phones are integrated into our lives. The mobile app industry is evolving day by day. It transforms the business models, operations, and marketplace remarkably. At the end of 2022, the revenue of the mobile app market is expected to reach up to $693billion.

Let us discuss the recent trends in mobile app development in detail

Apps for foldable devices

Foldable devices are emerging in the world. Unfolding the devices for large screens can have a greater impact on user experience. A larger screen gives more control and detailed information with an extensive user experience. Users can perform multiple tasks.

Thus mobile app development industry should keep an eye on on-screen space & this is one of the biggest trends in the future.


Everyone knows big giants like Facebook already started working on virtual reality Metaverse, Apple introduced lidar technology. Brands focus on AR & VR to enhance the user experience. Like lenskart virtual try on glasses, furniture brands try how furniture looks in the user’s home & some make-up apps too.

AR & VR are making immersive user experiences & shaping the mobile app development industry unpredictably.

Food & grocery delivery apps

Due to the impact of the pandemic and lockdown, people stopped going out of their homes. In the meantime, food & grocery apps have become fast-growing ones. People prefer to shop online & order foods online instead of visiting physical stores. Both grocery apps and food delivery apps reached a great rise.

P2P mobile apps

By the end of 2023, mobile transactions will reach up to $612 billion. Peer-to-peer transactions are hassle-free for buyer and seller, directly receiving payments into an account. Third-party UPI apps have good scope getting amazing popularity among businesses and users. Now social media platforms like Whatsapp have payment features too.

Mobile OS systems with built-in payment features like Samsung pay, Apple Pay, and Android pay are on the market.

Mobile learning

Another promising trend is mobile learning platforms. Mobile learning makes learning accessible and convenient can learn anywhere & anytime. Demand for mobile learning apps is high in the market, it is expected to reach $58.50 billion at the end of 2025.

Final thoughts

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