LUDO SIX – A Multiplayer Online & Offline Board Game [Admob]

February 9, 2022

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LUDO SIX - A Multiplayer Online & Offline Board Game
LUDO SIX – A Multiplayer Online & Offline Board Game Free Download [Admob] – CodeCanyon | LUDO SIX – A Multiplayer Online & Offline Board Game [Admob] is a fantastic modern-day version of Ludo games for board that has a fantastic color design developed for the Android platform. It is playable by Bot 1, 2, 3, or even 4 players. The game is fun for players of all ages and it is based on the most recent technology. LUDO SIX Android is compatible with Google’s latest API and monetization policies. This makes it simple to create a Google Play stores and configure firebase.
The game includes an online and offline version of the Ludo game. Players can play two kinds of games. The first is Ludo table as well as Snakes. When you start the game, players will receive a tutorial on instructions on how to play. After that, the player will be offered the option to change the name of their profile. When the name on the profile has been changed then the player will have two choices: 
The player has the option of selecting one option for Ludo play. The player will then be able to quickly choose the number of players they would like to play. The most exciting aspect is that the player must have an host in order to play the game . hit “Host Game” “Host Game” button. The host will receive the players’ names and then add the player to the player’s game. The host will then issue an invitation to the player to add his own board.
If the other participant agrees to the invite, the host may start the game by clicking upon the “Start” button. After that, players can participate in on the Ludo the board gameBoth offline and online versions come with the identical features.
Ludo game algorithm is in accordance with the concept of the developer that offers the same chance to win for all players. The Ludo game-winner is based on strategy and skills.
Yes it is possible to download the trial to look over all the features.
It’s not, it’s an offline Ludo game.
This version only includes AdMob ads. In the meantime, we have a strategy for the future.
You will receive a notice or an email from the Ludo Six team
Yes, it’s simple to modify. Read our document
Yes, however, you must alter the look the background, title, and background and follow the Play Store policies.
It’s an easy game that kids can easily play with their siblings or other family members.
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