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January 13, 2022
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Two Oklahoma City Public Schools locations have been moved to virtual learning.
OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – With COVID-19 cases continually on the rise, several Oklahoma schools districts are being forced to go virtual due to a number of teachers and students out with the virus.
All Choctaw/Nicoma Park schools will be going virtual Thursday, Jan. 13, and Friday, Jan. 14.
Officials at Davis Public Schools announced that they would be switching to remote learning on Thursday, Jan. 13 and Friday, Jan. 14 due to “an unsustainable shortage of staff and substitutes as well as excessive student absences.”
The plan is to return to in-person learning on Tuesday, Jan. 18.
The district says it is proceeding with student activities as long as possible.
Deer Creek Middle School moved to remote learning for Wednesday, Jan. 12 through Friday, Jan. 14.
Due to the rise in student COVID cases, all extracurricular activities have been canceled for the remainder of the week.
Mid-Del Schools will be closed from Jan. 13 through Jan. 17.
Officials say Jan. 13 through Jan. 17 will be non-instructional days, adding that school buildings will be closed.
Due to staffing COVID-19 absences, Norman Public Schools announced Jackson Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, Madison Elementary, Monroe Elementary, Truman Primary, Washington Elementary, Alcott Middle Schools, and Longfellow Middle School will all transition to virtual learning Thursday, Jan. 13.
All Norman Public Schools will be closed Friday, Jan. 14 and Monday, Jan. 17.
On Wednesday afternoon, Oklahoma City Public Schools announced it’s moving all schools within the district to virtual learning the remainder of the week amid rising teacher, staff absences.
Due to staffing shortages, all Piedmont school sites are shifting to short-term virtual learning Thursday, Jan. 13 and Friday, Jan. 14.
Students and staff who are not ill or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms may plan to return to in-person learning Tuesday, Jan. 18.
On Wednesday, Putnam City Public Schools announced that all schools would be moving to distance learning for Thursday, Jan. 13 and Friday, Jan. 14.
Officials at Tuttle Public Schools announced that the district would be transitioning to virtual learning on Thursday, Jan. 13 and Friday, Jan. 14.
“I am extremely proud of the staff at Tuttle Public Schools and all they have endured to pitch in and keep our schools in session over the past 18 months. We understand the burden this places on our families, but this spike has overtaken our ability to safely staff our buildings, and our student and staff numbers are extremely high and continue to grow,” the district wrote.
The district expects to return to in-person learning on Tuesday, Jan. 18.
The UCO campus is moving to Level 2 operations listed in the university’s COVID-19 Decision-Making Framework through Jan. 23.
That means classes must either go all-virtual or hybrid, or remain in-person with masks required.
All schools within the Yukon Public Schools district will be closed temporarily starting Thursday because of COVID-related staffing shortages.
District schools will be closed from Thursday, Jan. 13 through Monday, Jan. 17. Schools will reopen Tuesday, Jan. 18.

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