Leverage Complete Benefits of NIFT, NID Online Coaching Classes

November 24, 2021

Online classes and learning have become a popular way for students to learn in the era of the internet. Nothing better symbolizes it than The OPUS Way. It has become a prominent location for learning and preparation for design-related courses, including online coaching programs for NIFT, NID, and other design entrances.

Online learning for competitive test preparation is not a new notion, especially for design course students in India. Unlike other colleges, however, OPUS’s online lessons give students with certain additional perks that are beneficial to their methodical preparation.

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The Government of India’s COVID-19 pandemic-related shutdown has left both institutes and students with little choice but to join in online coaching programs. The OPUS is taking every precaution to guarantee that students do not lose track of their studies as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

For other tests, The OPUS usually offers NIFT online Coaching and NID online Coaching lessons in its classroom. However, given the unusual nature of the current crisis, it has changed its approach. The OPUS is dedicated to assisting students in achieving top test results by providing systematic coaching and study resources, but it also cares about their well-being.


For the time being, it has chosen to provide lessons through the internet. This is in accordance with the government’s directive to stay indoors in order to promote social separation and flatten the certain crisis curve in India.

As a responsible institute, The OPUS is required to obey the government’s directives while also guaranteeing that the current situation has no impact on students’ training. From course coverage to revisions and mock examinations, the institution and its faculty members are committed to ensuring that students get the most out of their online education.

Learners can take online classes from twenty different faculty members five days a week.

While most students agree that OPUS’s choice to provide online lessons is beneficial to them, the school also hopes to make it available to those who wish to enroll for the first time. The move is meant to assist people who wish to continue their NIFT, NID, and other design examination preparation from the comfort of their own homes. It is also offering the same for the NID admission test.

Students benefit from The OPUS’s innovative approach and online study material.

In the current lockdown period, here’s how the institute is assisting students with their academics and preparation for competitive exams.

NID: The OPUS is offering a live coaching program to both current students and those who are interested in enrolling for the first time. We are pleased to announce that students from our institute placed third, fourth, ninth, and eleventh in the 2022 admission exams. In addition, our mock exams have assisted more than 200 students in passing the competitive examination.

For the advantage of students, we provide a mobile app with over a thousand video solutions and over two thousand MCQ questions related to these tests.

Our NIFT entrance test mobile app includes over 1000 GAT questions as well as over thirty online tutoring videos. Out of the 46 students who took the exam last year, students from our institute took first, third, fourth, fifth, and seventh place.

NID: We give over 2000 questions for rigorous practice and over a thousand online coaching videos to guarantee that students are fully prepared for the NID entrance test. You may get access to them by using our LMS portal through a mobile phone.

The OPUS, being one of the premier centers for NIFT, and NID, and other design entrance exams, is devoted to assisting students to the best of its ability, even during lockdown time. With mock examinations, tutoring, solved question papers, and online sessions, it is always attempting to aid students in their learning curve.

In addition to assisting current students, the institution intends to assist individuals seeking new admittance. The OPUS Way is currently holding demo courses.

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