Learn how to get rid of epilepsy headaches

April 12, 2022

What to Do When You Have an Epilepsy Headache

How do you get rid of an epilepsy headache? When you have an epilepsy headache, it’s easy to feel like your pain isn’t being taken seriously by doctors and other healthcare professionals, who may misdiagnose it as migraines or tension headaches. 

But not all headaches are the same, so here are some tips for dealing with an epilepsy headache when you visit the doctor or try medication to treat the pain and discomfort.

Causes and Prevalence

The causes of epilepsy are still somewhat of a mystery. However, researchers have determined a genetic link; if one of your parents has epilepsy, there’s about a five percent chance you’ll develop it too. Other risk factors include:


  • Brain damage (due to injury or infection).
  • Exposure to lead.
  • Lack of oxygen at birth.
  • Some prescription drugs.

If you suffer from anxiety attacks and panic disorder, you’re also more likely to experience seizures.

 Determining the Cause

Before seeking help, you must determine what is causing your headaches. Identifying what type of headache, you have will allow you to seek appropriate medical treatment. It will make it easier for your doctor to determine if there are other causes for your symptoms. 

Contact a professional, Gainey clinic doctor in Lahore, and the best gynecologist in Lahore who can help diagnose these ailments. If medication is causing a change in your outlook or mood, consult with a physician about alternative treatment options. 

That way, you can treat your condition and any side effects associated with taking medication. Seeking treatment from a professional Gainey clinic doctor in Lahore and the gynecologist in Lahore has shown promising results when dealing with such disorders.

Treatment Options

A Gainey Doctor in Lahore is the Gynecologist in Lahore that treats epilepsy headaches. The key to dealing with these headaches is controlling your seizure activity.

Your doctor can help you by prescribing medications that s can use and other therapies like diet or lifestyle changes. A good starting point when you’re experiencing a headache and are unsure of what might be causing it is to have a checkup from your local Gainey doctor.

 At-Home Treatments for Epilepsy Headaches

While seeing a specialist is ideal, you can also try at-home treatments. Our gynecologist in Lahore recommends adopting certain lifestyle habits that may reduce your risk of epilepsy, headaches, and migraines—including getting enough sleep, eating healthily, and exercising regularly.

Alternative Medicine Considerations

Going straight to a Gainey doctor isn’t always necessary. The famous gynecologist in Lahore has options, too. For example, some alternative medicine treatments may help you find relief from epilepsy headaches accompanied by a migraine-like aura.

Some potential therapies include transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), which is thought to block pain signals sent from nerves and muscles; laser therapy, which may be used when standard treatment fails; and dietary supplements such as feverfew or butterbur.

Final Words from Our Gynecologist

I know how frustrating and scary it can be when you wake up with a headache. But don’t worry, I can help you get rid of that headache once and for all. Two things cause epileptic headaches: stress and sleep deprivation.

To prevent a future occurrence of these awful headaches, here are a few tips to help you relax and start sleeping better: Turn off all screens 30 minutes before bedtime—no phones, computers, or TVs.

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