Lazy Eye in Children can be fixed!

July 7, 2021

Read the full article on treating a lazy eye in children.

Parents can be distraught when they find out their children has a slight (or pronounced) case of a lazy eye. But, thankfully, when detected at an early age, a doctor can correct it with proper treatment!

So, the first thing you need to do is conduct a thorough eye exam on your child. Bear in mind that a lazy eye might not be evident at an early age and only your eye doctor or pediatrician might be able to detect it.

Doctors recommend that all children have an eye checkup between 3 and 5 years old.

There are many reasons for a lazy eye to appear. The most common is muscle-related, and it’s more prevalent in children born prematurely or with lower weight and size than average.

Check out our full article on treating a lazy eye in children to learn more about this condition, treatment options, and what you need to know before visiting a doctor.

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