27. January 2023

Large Printing Format: 5 Things You Should Know

The large Printing format is a means of advertising and marketing material used worldwide.

The main aspect of format printing is specified through its name. ‘Large format printing’ means you have the ability to bring graphic designs to life in large pieces.

These large marketing tactics make it easy to grab the attention of the customers the company is targeting.
The printing type is mostly used in architecture plan prints, posters, signage, etc. Such large printing easily hooks the attention of the crowd.

Additionally, the method is used as it accommodates many things than simple paper.

You need to know certain things to utilize the method to its full potential. Let’s check them out!

1-    Working Process

The working process for large format printing is similar to that of digital printing. Thus, it is ideal for vibrant color items. Large nozzles used will lay down toner for the press.
Due to direct print application on the product, you can create an authentic feel.
Mounting print pieces do not get you the same feel. Therefore, this printing method is used.
It is also quick to use to create high-quality graphics and photographs.

2-    The Printer Type Used

The format printing comes with various feature printers and uses different types of inks. Generally, three basic printer types are used.

•    Flatbed printers-
The printer has a 4’ x 8’ x 5’ x 10’ print bed. It is used for rigid or flat material substrates that hold them through suction. It makes printing on wood, plastic, glass, gatorboard, etc., easy.

•    Roll-to-roll printers-

More flexible materials like paper, vinyl, or fabric are accommodated with this printer. It will print quickly. It is used for high-quality massive production in quick progression.

•    Hybrid printers-

As the name suggests, it can accommodate both flexible and rigid substrates. You get dual printing flexibility & capability in one printer. It used less equipment cost and less space.

3-    Ideal For Products Like

Vibrant printing products are produced with the ability of large format printing.
The printing method is used for common marketing products, like banners, construction documents, posters, canvas prints, maps, backdrops, etc.
You can also get textiles and wallpaper printed with this method.  

4-    Common Benefits

The printing method with UV-cured inks makes the outcome more durable and long-lasting. It will last long even when exposed to external elements.
The method helps you print eye-catching products which will differentiate you from your competitors.

Topic Summary

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