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April 9, 2022

wi as Kamdhenu Limited is a profound and topmost steel manufacturing company. The company has its main  headquarters in Gurgaon. which is supported by over 7500 dealers and distributors dissipated across the country for the steel business. The company is not only establishing brand value endlessly for its product but Also presently expanding over the country. Rodidust’s marketing team is creating world-class infrastructure with the best steel tags of the Kamdhenu Group.

Kamdhenu Steel Bars

Rodidust is a construction company that deals with the best steel brands in the demand. And Undoubtedly delivers you with the best construction material for your dream projects. Kamdhenu steel is one of them which manufactures quality materials for the construction of residential buildings and other difficult projects such as pathways, highways, bridges, and industrial buildings.

The specialty of kamdhenu steel bars:-

  • Prepared with prestige raw iron.
  • Provide optimum strength and also durability to the product.
  • High-quality product with the least impurities.
  • Excellent ductility, malleability, and weldability.
  • Earthquake resistant.
  • Anti rusting and corrosion-resistant material.
  • With finished exposed edges and also accurate size.
  • At affordable prices.

Strength and grades of kamdhenu steel TMT bar:-

Kamdhenu Steel TMT Bar has materials according to your need. There are four grades of steel bars

Fe415, Fe500, Fe550 and Fe600. One can choose according to the project. The first grade Fe415 is designed for residential structures, Fe500 and Fe550 are for commercial and industrial structures. and also we have a Fe600 grade TMT bar. that is designed for the construction of complicated civil projects such as bridges, dams, etc.

Kamdhenu steel bars provide you with:

Experts support –  For your convenience in the selection of the right material we have highly qualified experts.  who will assist you with the right information for a grade? And also help you to choose the best material required for the better construction of your dream project.

Exceptional quality– we can never compromise the quality of our material.  To ensure the excellence of steel bars we use an advanced manufacturing process. likewise, bars are manufactured under the supervision of professionals.

On-time delivery–  We have experienced professionals, who ensure the quality and safety of steel bars. and also with trained workers, we provide on-time delivery of the material to the project site.

Kamdhenu steel is the right choice in all aspects. And here at Rodidust, you will get the material of your choice with great support from experts. The Kamdhenu is a Steel Bar Company Serving in Gurgaon and Delhi.

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